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Can Outdoor Growers Help Legal Cannabis Displace The Black Market?

Outdoor cannabis cultivation is growing in popularity so much that it is projected to outpace indoor cannabis cultivation this year for the first time. Indoor cannabis production comes with a…

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Terpenes Explained: Cannabis 101

We’re firm believers in the importance of taking the time to stop and smell the roses, figuratively and literally. Taking your time to appreciate the finer things in life is…

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Counting Sheep vs. Vaping Leaf: How to Use Cannabis As A Sleep Aid

More than 30% of adults do not get enough sleep, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Sleep deprivation can result in low energy, a lack of focus, and…

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Vape Pens Are Now Available in Alberta: Will Other Provinces Follow?

In December 2019, the Alberta provincial government announced that it would be holding back on offering cannabis vape pens and cannabis cartridges until it could conduct a review of potential…

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100 Years Later: 3 Lessons Cannabis Must Learn from Alcohol Prohibition

The ‘Roaring Twenties’ are usually remembered for Gatsby-esque economic growth and prosperity, but the decade was also known for the United States’ prohibition of alcohol production, importation, transportation, sales and…

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Should I Buy or Should I Grow?

Pros & Cons of Homegrown Cannabis In many US states and Canadian provinces, citizens are allowed to grow cannabis plants for personal use. Depending on where you live, the number…

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A Guide to Cannabis 2.0 Hardware and Accessories

Cannabis 2.0 is rolling out, with the first wave of new cannabis products already on the shelves. Cannabis vape pens, edibles, beverages, and topicals are now legal to sell in…

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Greentank Hires Top Dyson Product Engineer and Launches First Vape Device Lab in North America

Greentank Technologies Corp. has bolstered its product innovation team and on-site research and development capabilities with its recent hire of former Dyson Engineering Manager, Pete Duckett, and the launch of…

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Natural vs Synthetic Cannabinoids | Vape Safety

Synthetic cannabinoids, aka ‘spice’ or ‘K2’, are not the same as cannabis. The distinction is very important as the synthetic version can be extremely dangerous. In this article, we look…

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