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Greentank Technologies Receives Coveted Cannabis Research License

Greentank Technologies Makes History As First Vape Hardware Manufacturer Globally To Receive Coveted Cannabis Research License Unique research mandate paves the way for greater safety, reliability and  performance in the…

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The Crossfade Effect: Mixing Cannabis and Alcohol

The idea of mixing alcohol and cannabis—also known as “crossfading”—is not new. People have been mixing the two substances for centuries. In fact, the practice dates back to ancient India,…

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Customization Series, Part 2: Secondary Treatments

Selecting hardware that both matches and elevates your extracts does not automatically merit success in the market. You still need to make your product line stand out from the competition…

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Transparency Is The New Standard For Vape Hardware

In its short period of existence, the cannabis vape space has already experienced two major obstacles. Yet, in both instances, it has come out the other end stronger and better…

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The Rise of Live Resin Cartridges

  Move over, distillates. There’s a new player in the cannabis vape industry and it goes by the name of live resin. What Is Live Resin? Live resin is a…

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The Cannabis Vape Market Is Poised For Record Sales in 2021

As we predicted several months ago, this past summer ended up being the cannabis vape industry’s most successful season to date. Cannabis vape sales surged to new record highs in…

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The Problem With One-Size-Fits-All CBD & THC Hardware

In July, we discussed in detail how vape hardware is no longer one-size fits all. Hoping your extracts will pair seamlessly with cookie-cutter vape hardware is an exercise in futility…

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Beyond 2020: A Look at the Future of Cannabis Vaping and Terpenes

(Note: This article was written by a guest contributor.) The vaping and cannabis industries enjoy a powerful marketing synergy, given the popularity of THC & CBD cartridges for vape pens…

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Special Announcement: Ensuring Inventory & Preparing For Chinese New Year 2021

How To Avoid Inventory Shortages What is Chinese New Year Chinese New Year (CNY), AKA Spring Festival, is an annual multi-week festival that marks the beginning of the new year…

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