The Best Cannabis Vape Products For 2022

The cannabis vape industry has come such a long way in a very short period of time! Less than a decade ago, most vape hardware on the market was predicated…

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Market Matching: Are Disposables Suddenly On The Rise?

These days, knowing the vape trends and patterns currently defining your market isn’t enough. Brands need to know where their markets are headed so they can anticipate trends and capitalize…

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The 2021 Cannabis Vape Retailer Product Hot List

  Despite the emergence of COVID-19, the US cannabis vape industry had its best year on record in 2020 with just over $2b in sales. Those who wrote off the…

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Greentank Hires Top Dyson Product Engineer and Launches First Vape Device Lab in North America

Greentank Technologies Corp. has bolstered its product innovation team and on-site research and development capabilities with its recent hire of former Dyson Engineering Manager, Pete Duckett, and the launch of…

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