The Best Cannabis Vape Products For 2022

Posted by Dave Kaplan
3 years ago / November 5, 2021

The Best Cannabis Vape Products For 2022

The cannabis vape industry has come such a long way in a very short period of time! Less than a decade ago, most vape hardware on the market was predicated on outdated e-cigarette technologies that were housed in cheap, unsafe plastics and relied on inferior wick-heating systems. With essentially no other options available, brands that wished to enter the cannabis vape space had no choice but to try to make their extracts work with the existing technology. As you can imagine, the results were poor. Clogging and leaking were common, and subpar flavor predominated the industry.

These issues are now a thing of the past due to incredible advancements in vape hardware and heating technology. The one-size-fits-all approach is dead; in its place, manufacturers are creating versatile devices that can be modified to perfectly pair with brands’ unique formulations. Vape hardware made out of safer materials that offers consumers better user experiences, robust flavor profiles, and exceptional performance. As we kick off a new year, we’re taking a moment to highlight some of these innovations, as well as the best cannabis vape devices from each category you should look out for in 2022.


510-threaded cartridge vapes

Cartridges have quickly become the vape hardware type of choice among North American consumers, outselling all other hardware types combined by a considerable margin in 2021. In the US, cartridges constitute 90% of all vape sales and generate over $2B in sales annually. In Canada, cartridges account for over 93% of all vape sales and over $300M in annual sales.

There are multiple reasons why consumers are purchasing cartridges in droves. Firstly, the format’s 510-connection threading allows cartridges to be attached easily to any 510-threaded battery. This enables users to easily swap out formulations from different brands without having to buy separate batteries.

Cartridges can also be modified to facilitate a wide variety of extract types and viscosities beyond distillates and CO2s, such as live resin and live rosin formulations, giving users more choice when it comes to product types, flavors, and potencies. They also generally come in larger sizes than most other vape hardware types, providing consumers with opportunities to purchase their favorite products in bulk. 2022

best cannabis vape cartridges for 2022:


The GT DX, the newest addition to Greentank’s Spectrum cartridge line, embodies the latest in cannabis cartridge innovation. Constructed using only high-quality, meticulously sourced heavy-metal compliant materials, including SUS-303 stainless steel, medical-grade borosilicate glass, and food-grade ceramics.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The GT DX’s multiple intake hole and reservoir capacity sizes were created to facilitate more extract types and package size options, meaning brands don’t have to sacrifice quality, flavor, or volume when getting their products out to market. The DX is also engineered with built-in anti-leaking and anti-clogging technology for exceptional, consistent performance and is also designed to increase operational efficiencies with lockable, push-down mouthpieces that can be capped effortlessly by hand or machine.

With six mouthpiece options, seven reservoir treatments, and nine base connector finishes and features, the GT DX is easily the most customizable premium cannabis cartridge on the planet. And at its low price point, it’s undoubtedly one of the most affordable! Click here to learn more about the GT DX cartridge.



custom wholesale cannabis disposable vaporizer pens

Although disposable vape pens, or all-in-ones, no longer have the same allure among cannabis vape consumers, they still appeal to certain segments of users. That’s why despite only accounting for roughly 10% of all cannabis vape sales in the US in 2021, the segment still generated over $250M in sales and sold more than 8 million units last year alone.

Disposables are mostly sought after for their convenience and simplicity; everything needed comes in one ready-to-use pen that can be discarded once the cannabis oil runs out. First-time users are generally drawn to these devices because they’re easy to use and don’t require the advanced hardware knowledge that cartridge and battery combinations do.

These products are also extremely discreet. Whereas cartridges showcase the cannabis extracts housed within, disposables are generally designed to conceal their contents, enabling users to enjoy them on-the-go or in social settings without drawing attention to themselves.

Disposables have also undergone considerable innovation over the last year, as manufacturers continue exploring ways to improve their functionalities, material compositions, customizability, and the overall user experience. If you find yourself falling in love with a new disposable device in 2022, don’t say we didn’t warn you . . .

best cannabis vape disposables for 2022:


Meet the GT M8, one of the most recent additions to Greentank’s All-In-One disposable family. Built with a stainless steel frame for enhanced durability and a premium feel, yet still lightweight to the touch, the breath-activated M8 looks and performs unlike anything else on the market.

Designed with Greentank’s innovative ceramic core to elicit panoramic flavor without ever burning extracts and short-path activation technology for instantaneous vapor production. They’ve also added a rechargeable battery that’s engineered to produce more power, quicker heating times, and longer-lasting charges.

Unlike most disposables on the market, the M8 can be customized from base to mouthpiece to help brands stand out from their competition. This device boasts 32 distinct customization options, including immersion printing, pearlescent and spot UV finishes, and a brandable USB cover that conceals the charging port when inactive. Click here to learn more about the GT M8 disposable.



custom 510 compatible vaporizer battery

In most cases, cartridges are only as good as the batteries that power them. Sure, the best cartridges in the world will function no matter which 510-threaded battery they’re attached to, but they won’t fire on all potential cylinders unless paired with power sources that are designed to optimize performance.

The days of the one-size-fits-all approach are far in the rear view. More consumers than ever before are purchasing premium, feature-filled batteries to get the most out of their extracts. Go on any online vape community forum and you’re sure to see discussions about which batteries provide the most exceptional, tailored user experiences.

Rampant innovation has fueled this wave of next-generation batteries, and we’re only starting to see the fruits of these efforts. Believe us when we tell you that some of the batteries scheduled to be unveiled in the near future will not only continue to drastically optimize extracts and enhance the user experience, but also redefine the way we conceive of and consume these products.

Best cannabis vape batteries FOR 2022:


Push button cannabis battery - 510 thread

The GT Surge Push is a little taste of the future, today. This push-activated battery offers the ultimate user experience, with three variable heat settings that can be used to target specific cannabinoid and terpene activation temperatures or toggled to produce preferred ratios of vapor and flavor production.

Fully rechargeable and 510-thread compatible, the GT Surge Push is equipped with a premium lithium-ion battery that consumers can count on to provide the same exceptional performance time after time. It also offers preheating functionality, so consumers never waste a single drop—especially those who use their devices in colder climates.

With 35 unique base-to-thread customization options, it’s the ideal white-label vape battery. Perfect for dispensaries looking to offer its customers an affordable, top-tier branded battery and brands seeking a battery solution that delivers their nuanced extracts to consumers in precisely the manner they intended. Click here to learn more about the GT Surge Push battery.


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