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CNY – Ensure your 2024 vape inventory

CNY 2024 Deadlines Don’t be left without product Every year, the Chinese Lunar New Year marks a very crucial time for the global supply chain. Manufacturing hits pause as citizens…

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Vape Automation Trays: Reduce Your Operational Costs By 71.4%

Vape Automation Trays: Save time & Money The Power of Automation In the highly competitive vape industry, staying ahead means adopting cutting-edge technology that streamlines production processes. Our Pre-Loaded Vape…

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Greentank x Vape-Jet Partnership

Greentank & Vape-Jet Announce New Partnership Sharing a common goal, both Greentank and Vape-Jet have officially announced a partnership and validation of vape hardware and automated filling and capping systems….

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Greentank Technologies Closes $16.5M USD Series B

Investment to accelerate the company’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities as a leading technology provider for the global vape industry Toronto, CANADA – March 30, 2023 – Greentank Technologies (“Greentank”) announced…

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Greentank Triumphs Over CCELL In ITC Patent Decision

Judge Rules Greentank Victorious Over Smoore, parent company of CCELL. February 01, 2023 Greentank Technologies, an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of high-performance vaporization hardware and aerosolization…

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New York poised to see a Cannabis BOOM in 2023

New York cannabis legalization New York State has recently legalized cannabis for adult use in 2023, and this move has been met with lots of support from the public and…

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Greentank’s Automated Pre-loaded Vape Tray Solutions

MORE OUTPUT, EVEN MORE SAVINGS At Greentank we always want our clients and partners to win. In an industry that is still young, companies need to be fiscally responsible about…

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How Greentank Is Leading The Way In Vape Safety

Greentank has always approached vape safety with complete transparency. We believe full disclosure of safety standards and materials is essential, and we’re proud to turn the spotlight on how and…

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Consumers and Budtenders Need Better Vape Educations

Ask a budtender about a specific strain of dried flower and you’re likely to get a full rundown of the product’s composition, including its cannabinoid content, terpene profile, potency, origin…

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