Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I purchase Greentank hardware and equipment?

How do I learn more about Greentank products?

Does Greentank sell directly to consumers?

How can I tell if my vape pen, battery, or cartridge was manufactured by Greentank?

Does Greentank white label its products?

Can Greentank products be refilled?

Can I use any Greentank products to vape tobacco or e-juice?

Can I use any Greentank products to vape dried cannabis flower?

Can I use any Greentank products to vape hard concentrates?

Can Greentank products be customized for a variety of cannabis oil viscosities?

Where is Greentank’s head office located?

Does Greentank sell preloaded cartridges and All-In-One devices?

Does Greentank provide automated filling services?

Does Greentank make its own oil?

Can I order replacement parts for my Greentank hardware?

Does Greentank provide packaging?

Does Greentank provide standard operating procedure (SOP) manuals for its hardware?

Does Greentank provide recommended oil temperature ranges when filling their units?

Product Safety

How does Greentank source its materials?

Do any Greentank products have child-resistant features?

Does Greentank have a research and development department?

Are Greentank products tested for heavy metals and contaminants?

What other types of tests do Greentank products undergo?

Do Greentank products have safety features?

Where can I find more Greentank product safety information?

What is Greentank’s quality control process?

Product Information

Which Greentank products can be customized?

Are any Greentank products intended solely for CBD (cannabidiol)?

Which vape hardware components can be customized?

Which Greentank product is best suited for my brand/oil formulation?

Are Greentank cartridges compatible with non-Greentank batteries?

How do I charge a Greentank battery?

How long do Greentank vape pen batteries last?

How do I know if my Greentank battery needs to be charged?

How can I tell when my Greentank battery is fully charged?

Do I need to follow specific instructions when transporting a Greentank vaporizer?

How do I clean my Greentank vaporizer?

How many draws will I get out of a 0.5 gram Greentank cartridge?

General Vape faqs

What creates burnt tastes?

Are there different types of vaporizers for different cannabis products?

How long do vape pens last?

What’s the difference between a pod-based system and a cartridge & battery unit?

What is an All-In-One vape pen?


How do I unclog a vape pen?

Why won’t my battery connect to my cartridge?

Why isn’t my battery fully charging?

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