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Manufactured by a team of professionals who understand the quality and value of your extracts. We are a global leader committed to shaping the industry by developing innovative technologies and new hardware to enhance the overall user experience and forever change the way people vape high-concentrate oils.
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High-Quality Vaporization Solutions

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Green Tank Technologies

Featured Unit: CORE Pod System

Green Tank Technologies sets the bar high because we know that the user deserves the best. For too long the vaporization market has been stocked with underperforming products that leave the user wanting more. Designed and developed in North America, all Green Tank Technologies vaporization hardware is crafted to suit the dynamic oil concentrates market. Proudly providing solutions for a variety of industry needs, including varying cartridge options, full disposable units, high tech concentrate vapes, accessories, and much more. Green Tank Technologies is here to change the vaporizer landscape.
GT M7World-Class Disposable

Experience a disposable that offers full flavor and does not leak. The GT M7 is engineered specifically for high viscosity oils to bring out the true taste of every oil.

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GT SpectrumSuperior Taste & Vapor Quality

The GT Spectrum cartridge gives a cleaner, richer vaping experience. Crafted specifically for each oil manufacturer, the GT Spectrum is a solution for a variety of viscosity oils.

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Core Pod SystemInnovative Pod Technology

A revolutionary portable device, the CORE is the first vaporizer with a secured magnetic interchangeable Pod System, delivering high-end vapor quality.

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GT EliteDistillate Cartridge Specialist

Clean and simple, the GT Elite cartridge is the no-fuss unit that is designed specifically for distillate formula oil for smooth vapor every time.

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GT CommuterAbsolute Discretion

The smallest and most compact disposable product on the market, the GT Commuter is designed for discretion while delivering an extraordinary vaping experience.

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GT FalconEco-Friendly Vaporization

The first recyclable vaporizer unit is a revolutionary system that allows both user and distributor to enjoy an eco-friendly device that keeps material out of the landfill.

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GT EvolutionConsistently Pure And Fresh

Oil is sealed airtight with zero wick or coil contact until the first use. This allows the oil to be free from oxidation and any chemical reaction during its entire shelf life.

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TorrchThe Portable Dab Rig

The Torrch vaporizes concentrates at a low temperature, giving users full expression and the ultimate ‘Dabbing’ experience. This is the best portable shatter pen in the market.

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GT PolyQuality Cost-Effective Cartridges

Traditional cartridge look and feel mixed with innovative high-quality technology. Built with a premium suspended ceramic core for ultimate taste and user experience.

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Snap SticksCleaning Made Easy

The perfect solution for keeping your hardware clean and well maintained. Filled with an isopropyl cleaning solution, Snap Sticks are the ultimate accessory add-on.

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Green Tank’s
Ceramic Core Technology

Built into every piece of hardware is our innovative Green Tank ceramic core technology, delivering the truest taste of the oil-based concentrate being vaporized. Our products deliver the best consumer vaping experience possible by eliminating the traditional exposure of the heating coil. Our coil is built right into the ceramic core, for a state of the art, even-chambered heating system creating the cleanest, most natural vapor output users demand. The result equals zero burnt taste and a full flavor, maximum terpene profile. The user experience and vapor output of the Green Tank Ceramic Core are unrivaled.

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Green Tank Technologies Becomes the Cannabis Industry’s First Vape Manufacturer to Launch Certified Child-Resistant Hardware March 6, 2019 – TORONTO, CANADA  – Green Tank Technologies (“Green Tank” or the “Company”),…

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