Fully Customizable All-In-One

Engineered specifically for high viscosity oils, the GT M7 is an all-in-one vape pen that delivers full flavor. Customization is available to match your brand look and feel.

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GT Spectrum

Perfectly Balanced to Deliver Perfect Taste

The most versatile cartridge on the market, the GT Spectrum is designed to match your oil viscosity with custom intakes to find the ultimate balance of taste and vapor.

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GT Surge Series

Powering The Vape Industry

Behind every great vape is a power source to elevate user experience. Our mix of battery options allows you to pair your cartridge to the perfect 510 threaded surge option.

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Ground Breaking All-In-One Technology

The GT CRWN combines innovative technology with an incredibly sleek design. Engineered to shake the industry with a user experience unmatched in cannabis vape hardware.

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Durability Meets Revolutionary Performance

Built with an all metal body, the GT M7M is the highest performing, most reliable all-in-one vape pen in the cannabis industry.

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GT Torrch

The Best Dab Experience On The Market

Built with 6-second slow-burn technology and a pure ceramic bowl, the Torrch is engineered to deliver maximum terpene profiles and flavor expressions from all hard concentrates.

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