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best high quality disposable vape hardware

best high quality vape disposable


GreentankIt’s Either #GreentankMade
or It’s Anyone’s Guess

The #GREENTANKMADE mark is a declaration to our customers that their hardware is engineered to perform at the highest level, made of the highest quality materials, and has undergone rigorous quality control tests. Our in-house innovations outperform industry standards in every measurable category, from safety to flavor output. Give your customers the best possible vape experience. Choose Greentank.

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GreentankHardware In Harmony

One size does not fit all for vape hardware! Because every extract is unique, we tailor our proprietary ceramic cores and vape pen designs to perfectly match YOUR formulation.

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Safe and reliable vape cartridges

LucidMood chose Greentank hardware because their vape products outperform the competition in every way. The quality of the vapor is excellent. Their beautiful products are simple to fill and cap, and their customer service is second to none. But perhaps most important of all, the quality of materials they use provides the safest vape experience in the market. Bar none!

– Dave, COO & Co-Founder, Lucid Mood


GreentankTotal Customization

With the most in-depth customization options in the industry, Greentank will take your brand blueprint and turn it into a reality.

Bring your vape line to life by choosing from the industry’s largest library of customizable finishes, features, colors, mouthpieces, chargers, and packaging options.

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The overall customization process was seamless. The Greentank team helped bring the Redecan brand to life for both vape hardware and retail packaging. We couldn’t be happier.

– Will Montour, Owner, Redecan








GreentankInnovations, Not Iterations

At Greentank, our mission has always been to provide industry-leading vape hardware that is reliable, outperforms the competition, and made of the highest quality. We’ve paired our experts with a world-class R&D facility, the first-ever vape device lab in North America, to bring their visions for product development to life. This 7,000 sq. foot innovation space in our Toronto headquarters is where our team engineers the future of the vape industry. Fully enabled with leading-edge equipment and testing capabilities, we can ensure rapid prototyping, rigorous performance modeling, and crafted ODM visions for our customers.

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custom vape hardware for your extract

Greentank is in the business of manufacturing the safest, highest quality, and most reliable hardware available on the market. We implement a rigorous quality control process along the entire supply chain, from procuring raw materials to overseeing the assembly process. Our manufacturing facilities have the highest rated ISO and cGMP certifications to provide our customers with peace of mind. We take great pride in being able to provide the best possible vape solutions to our customers as their success in-market is the foundation of our long-term relationship.

– Dustin Koffler, CEO, Greentank

Greentank Made

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