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Vape Hardware Materials, Ranked

Taking the bus to work has the same ultimate result as driving a Rolls-Royce, but the experience is entirely different.  The same is true for cannabis vape pens: while the…

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Vape Products Dominate Early OCS Cannabis 2.0 Sales

At the outset of Cannabis 2.0, the expectation was that vapes and edibles would split the majority of Canada’s new cannabis product sales. But according to the Ontario Cannabis Store’s…

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The Simplified Guide to Choosing The Best Vape Hardware For Your Brand

“The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan Without its innovative design, the iPod would just be another Zune. Without its user-friendly interface, Kijiji would just be Craigslist. Leading brands…

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The Cloudy Future of Alberta’s Vape Tax

Since the federal legalization of cannabis in 2018, Canada has led the industry in regulations, policies, and thought leadership. While the nation, as a whole, is moving the industry forward,…

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Cannabis VS Marijuana: Cannabis Industry Terminology 101

Chronic. Ganja. Bud. Mary Jane.  Hundreds of different slang terms and scientific nomenclatures exist for cannabis, but not all carry the same meaning. And while just about any name is…

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Can Outdoor Growers Help Legal Cannabis Displace The Black Market?

Outdoor cannabis cultivation is growing in popularity so much that it is projected to outpace indoor cannabis cultivation this year for the first time. Indoor cannabis production comes with a…

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Terpenes Explained: Cannabis 101

We’re firm believers in the importance of taking the time to stop and smell the roses, figuratively and literally. Taking your time to appreciate the finer things in life is…

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Counting Sheep vs. Vaping Leaf: How to Use Cannabis As A Sleep Aid

More than 30% of adults do not get enough sleep, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Sleep deprivation can result in low energy, a lack of focus, and…

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Vape Pens Are Now Available in Alberta: Will Other Provinces Follow?

In December 2019, the Alberta provincial government announced that it would be holding back on offering cannabis vape pens and cannabis cartridges until it could conduct a review of potential…

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