How Long Do Disposable Vape Pens Last?

Disposable vaporizers are one of the fastest growing segment in the legal cannabis market due to their convenience, price, and ease of use. However, not all disposable vapes are the…

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Vaping VS Dabbing

In the past few years, the landscape of marijuana consumption has borne witness to significant change. The increasing adoption of legalization is starting to change stigmas, and technological advances improve…

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Kicking The Habit: Using Vape Pens To Quit Smoking

Overall, smoking rates have been falling as we have come to realize the negative impact cigarettes have on our health. The American Cancer Society claims that of the 44 million…

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How To Choose The Best Vape Pen For You

This article was written by special guest author Michael Warren Searching for the best vaping experience, but don’t know where to start? Let us be your friendly guide to show…

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