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California May Ban Flavored Cannabis Vapes

By Griffen Thorne The California legislature is considering a new law (AB-1639) that, if passed, would restrict how cannabis vape products are made and sold. AB-1639 would change California law…

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The Greentank U.S. Cannabis Vape Market Report: COVID-19 Edition

  COVID-19 has affected the cannabis industry in myriad ways. It forced some legal markets to go on temporary hiatuses, caused others to thrive, and changed the ways cannabis companies…

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GT Customization Series: Surface Finishes

Selecting hardware that both matches and elevates your extracts does not automatically merit success in the market. You still need to make your product line stand out from the competition…

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Why Cannabis Vaping Will Thrive This Summer

Let’s face it: In its short period of existence, the cannabis vape space has experienced more than its fair share of obstacles. Yet, in each instance, it has come out…

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Your Dedicated Partner

  At Greentank, we’re more than a “hardware solutions provider.” We’re your hardware solutions partner. That’s a crucial distinction in our industry, as it highlights the unique symbiotic relationships we…

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Cannabis Legalization Could Help The U.S. Financially Recover From COVID-19

  COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the U.S. economy since the middle of March, when President Trump first declared a national emergency. Since then, the unemployment rate has spiked from…

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The Booming Senior Cannabis Trend

In the US, “Boomers” are outspending Gen Zers on legal cannabis. The Baby Boomer generation, spanning the ages of 56-74, is quickly becoming an important demographic for the cannabis industry….

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Vape Hardware Materials, Ranked

Taking the bus to work has the same ultimate result as driving a Rolls-Royce, but the experience is entirely different.  The same is true for cannabis vape pens: while the…

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Vape Products Dominate Early OCS Cannabis 2.0 Sales

At the outset of Cannabis 2.0, the expectation was that vapes and edibles would split the majority of Canada’s new cannabis product sales. But according to the Ontario Cannabis Store’s…

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