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Emerging Cannabis Categories: Vaping vs Edibles vs Beverages

Smoking’s long-standing dominance of cannabis consumption is coming to an end. Today’s legal cannabis market is demanding safer, higher quality products. To meet those demands, consumers are making the switch…

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Cannabis Vaping: Oil Pens vs Flower Pens

The rise of legal cannabis has resulted in more sophisticated extraction methods. This is causing an evolution in the habits of cannabis users. Oil is the future of vaping, but…

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Column: Why Vape Bans Are Adding Fuel To The Fire

Click on any subject to jump to that section Contents: The Situation How Did We Get Here? Why Vitamin E Acetate? Is Vitamin E Acetate The Only Culprit? E-Cigarettes: The…

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Vape Temperature Settings Guide

Vape temperature settings control your vaping experience, quality, and effects. With vast steps forward in vape pen technology, premium vape pens can now deliver an unrivaled user experience. This is,…

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An Introduction To Pairing Cannabis With Foods

Normally, we focus on how you can get the best vape flavor. Today, we’re helping you pick the best flavors to accompany your vape. In this guide, we give you…

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Special Announcement: Ensuring Inventory & Preparing For Chinese New Year 2020

How To Avoid Inventory Shortages What is Chinese New Year Chinese New Year (CNY), AKA Spring Festival, is an annual multi-week festival that marks the beginning of the new year…

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Micro Dabs | Dab Pen

What is a Micro Dab? We’ve talked in the past about dabbing and the best dab pens for wax and concentrates. A dab is a concentrated cannabis extract that delivers…

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A Message From Greentank Regarding Vape Safety Concerns

A message from Greentank Since 2016, Greentank has designed, developed and manufactured high-performance cannabis vaporization hardware with an emphasis on safety and reliability for our customers. Even though Greentank is…

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The Beginners Guide to Vaping Cannabis

Welcome to the world of vaping cannabis. Whether you’re a beginner vaper or a new cannabis user, this guide will answer your questions and help you get started. Why Vape…

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