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I Hit My First Ever Dab With Damian Abraham and the GT Torrch Dab Pen

SOURCE: The GT Torrch dab pen claims to make enjoying hard concentrates simple; does it live up to expectations? I have never done a dab in my life. Of…

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What Is Greentank Ceramic Core Technology? | Vape Pen Innovations

Every Greentank vape pen is built with our innovative Greentank Ceramic Core Technology, but what does that mean? When retailers look for high-quality wholesale vape pens, they’re looking for the…

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Wholesale Vape Pens & Vaporizers: Guide for Retailers

Whether starting a new business to target the emerging legal cannabis market or expanding an existing enterprise, you will need to work with a vaporizer wholesaler. Learn what to look…

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Why the Vaporizer Trend is Here to Stay

Vaporizers are the fastest growing product in the legal cannabis market. Experts agree that this trend is here to stay, predicting the vaporizer market to exceed $43 billion by 2023….

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How to Choose the Best Vaporizers For Enterprise

Businesses Are Cashing In On Legalization Business is booming in areas with legalized marijuana. All sorts of businesses are cashing in while the fire is hot. In 2017, spending on…

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Midas Letter: Greentank True-Taste Technology Premium Vaporizers

Greentank Featured On Midas Letter Greentank CFO, Jeremy Stepak, featured on Midas Letter to talk about the future of vaping, and the cannabis industry as a whole. Greentank designs, develops,…

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The Advantages Of Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable Vape Pens: A New Normal Vaporizers are a trend that is here to stay. They provide a safer, healthier alternative to smoking or traditional dab rigs. In California, vape…

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What Is the Best Vaporizer For Dabbing?

Traditionally vaporizers and dab rigs have been treated as two separate instruments. However, as the popularity of vaporization grows, more people are learning to dab with a vaporizer. This is…

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Authority Magazine – How Finding Your Niche Can Help You Grow A Successful Business

SOURCE: Medium I had the pleasure of interviewing Corey Koffler, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Greentank, a leading manufacturer of high-performance vaporization hardware built exclusively for the cannabis industry….

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