How To Choose Vape Pens That Comply With Concentrates Regulations

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / March 4, 2019

How To Choose Vape Pens That Comply With Concentrates Regulations

When Canada federally legalized cannabis in the fall of 2018, goals were set to legalize concentrates and edibles within a year. As the legalization of cannabis concentrates gets closer, regulations are beginning to come together.

The government has released its proposed regulations for additional cannabis products:

Vape Concentrates Laws

For cannabis vape pen and concentrates retailers, Cannabis Extract (Inhaled) is the relevant category. Here’s a quick overview:

Proposed Inhaled Cannabis Concentrate (Vaporizers) Regulations

  • THC Limit:
    • 1000 mg/per package
  • Product Rules:
    • Contains no nicotine
    • No caffeine
    • No sweeteners, colors, or sugars
  • Packaging:
    • Must be child-resistant
    • Plain packaging
    • 90 ml maximum package size for liquid extracts
  • Labelling:
    • Standardized cannabis symbol for products containing THC. Both on the label and directly on the vape cartridge.
    • Health Warning Message
    • THC/CBD content
    • Ingredients
    • Allergens
    • Intended use
  • Other:
    • Must not be appealing to kids
    • No health claims
    • No elements associating the product with alcoholic beverages or brands


What These Regulations Mean for Cannabis Oils & Concentrates Vendors

The proposed regulations show the specific concerns and goals of the Canadian government. Successful cannabis oil and concentrates companies will need to understand these goals and adapt their practices to them. Some of the clear concerns include:


Keeping Cannabis Away From Kids

One of Canada’s big concerns with legalization has been trying to keep cannabis out of the hands of minors. As a result, cannabis retailers need to take care with their packaging. In addition to being child-resistant, packaging needs to be plain and not enticing to kids.

It’s good to keep cannabis extracts out of the hands of kids. Although plain packaging does make it harder to stand out to adults. Since retailers can’t rely on packaging to sell the product, quality is going to be especially important. Vendors will need high-quality oil vape pens to have their product stand apart and keep customers coming back.

Child-Resistant vape hardware is now available on the market. The GT CR is an industry first, complying with the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s protocols for child-safe packaging.



Avoiding Addiction & Addictive Substances

There is also a clear indication that these regulations are intended to prevent mixing cannabis products with addictive substances. The proposal bans cannabis extracts from containing nicotine, caffeine, sugars, and other sweeteners.

In addition to not allowing these addictive additions, cannabis products cannot show any association with alcohol products or brands.

The government is being very careful about the public perception of marijuana products. They want to create a good image to retain support. Part of this is keeping cannabis extracts from having an association with substance abuse or partying. Vendors should be aware of this in how they promote their product.


Clearly Identified and Controlled Ingredients

Labeling is essential to any and all cannabis extract packaging. In addition to informing customers of allergens, this makes it easier to regulate. Part of the justification for legalization was providing a safer product of known quality and composition. As such, identifying and controlling ingredients is important.

For cannabis concentrates retailers, that means more than just having good labeling. It also means that retailers need to be precise in filling cartridges and disposable vapes. This means using high-quality cannabis oil filling machines. Automated fillers are the efficient way to provide accurate, consistent dosing.


The Importance of Prepackaged Concentrates in Vape Pens

With Canada’s proposed regulations, vape pens that allow for prepackaged concentrates will be especially important. They make it easier to comply and monitor, making them more regulation-friendly. This will be essential in the early stages of legal concentrates because:

  • Prepackaged cannabis oils and waxes can have greater control over their contents, ingredients, and THC. This is important for the strict limitations the government is planning to put in place.
  • Gives more control over packaging. This is important because packaging will be monitored and enforced.
  • It prepares your product for release. It’s likely that (at least starting out) vendors of cannabis concentrates for vaporizers will only be able to sell prepackaged cartridges.



Disposable Vape Pens & Canada’s Concentrates Regulations

Disposable vape pens are among the most popular products where cannabis concentrates are legal. Most people who vape outside the home are using disposable vape pens. Disposable vaporizers come prefilled, so they will be able to meet the packaging and content requirements for the proposed regulations.

Some of the other benefits of disposable vape pens include:

  • Convenience
  • Cost
  • Ease-of-use
  • Branding


Vape Pen Cartridges

The proposed regulations will make prefilled cartridges essential for cannabis oil vape pens. But be cautious when choosing a cartridge. Inferior vapor production is a common problem with cartridges. Choosing high-quality cartridges resolves this issue and ensures ideal taste and experience.

High-quality vape pen cartridges, like the GT CR‘s, offer premium flavor. It’s also one of the only cartridges capable of vaping high viscosity extracts.

Oil Vaporizers

Vape Pods

For longevity, vape pods are the preferred option. They can handle prolonged use with easy recharging and cartridge swapping.

Our innovative CORE pod system delivers a premium vaping experience on-the-go. The pods are magnetic so it’s easy to interchange and secure cartridges. It also uses the strongest battery in the market for reliable, lasting use.

The ability to swap out cartridges is convenient and allows for consistent doses. This is ideal for the customer as well as for compliance.

Shop Regulation-Ready Vape Pens for Canadian Retailers

We are approaching Canada’s official legalization of cannabis concentrate products. So it’s important to choose compliant vape hardware. Regulation-ready cannabis concentrate vapes allow vendors to get their products on the market sooner to establish a foothold in the Canadian market.

Get started with our Vaporizer Retailer Guide for wholesale vape pens, or contact us now for quotes and product information.

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