Choosing The Best Cannabis Oil Filling Machines for Vape Hardware

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / February 25, 2019

Choosing The Best Cannabis Oil Filling Machines for Vape Hardware

Cannabis Filler Machine
Vendors of cannabis concentrates already understand the importance of choosing the best hardware, such as high-quality vape pens and pods. Premium vaporizers offer the best experience of their concentrates. Thus ensuring customers stay loyal to the brand.

Filling vaporizer cartridges themselves allows companies to control dosages, ingredients, and quality control. It also results in a more cost-effective and efficient vape pen filling process. The most popular solution is using cannabis oil filling machines.

This article will help you determine how to choose the best cannabis oil filling machine for your vape hardware.




Cannabis Oil Filling Machine Overview

Filling machines, aka fillers, are staples in packaging. They fill bottles, pouches, tablets, etc with liquids, mixes, oils, or food products. They are most common in the food industry. But their role is growing in the rising cannabis concentrates industry.

The main purpose of cannabis oil filling machines is to fill cartridges for vaporizers, capsules for edibles, and tinctures. They can fill packaging with herbs or concentrates.

When choosing a cannabis oil filling machine, it’s important to find a custom solution.


For a high-quality product, an off-the-shelf stock filling machine won’t do. To match your exact ratios and parameters, you need a custom filler that delivers your exact specifications in every dose. This offers quality and consistency.

Customization is especially important for cannabis oil filling machines. The cannabis concentrates industry is still relatively new. As such, most stock options aren’t yet suited to this role. Fortunately, custom options are affordable and accessible.

Manual and automatic cannabis oil fillers are both customizable. But, for anyone intending to move a significant amount of product, we highly recommend automation.


Automated filling machines save time and money. They’re not only more cost-effective and efficient, but they offer a greater degree of precision as well. Automation reduces your overhead costs, directly increasing the profitability of your bottom line.

Using an automated cannabis oil filling machine for your vape hardware removes the possibility of human error. Each vape cartridge is consistent, ensuring product quality and reliability.

There is no need for a human operator. So the costs of production are significantly lower.

In short, automation results in a faster, cheaper, and superior production process.

So we know automation is clearly the best option, but how do you choose where to buy a cannabis filling machine?

Benefits of Buying Filling Machines & Vape Hardware from one Source

For cannabis retailers, the best option is to buy your filling equipment and vape hardware from the same supplier. Vape product manufacturers who produce their own filling machines or have partnerships with specific filling machine manufacturers are ideal. We take a look at a few of the benefits:


Getting your fillers and vape pens from a single source is a good way to ensure compatibility. They are specifically designed to work together. As a result, setup is easier so you can get to filling faster. As well, you know that the end product will function as intended.

There is a low-risk of the technical hiccups that you might find with incompatible hardware.


Spend less time configuring fillers and more time filling vape cartridges. Sourcing your equipment from a single supplier results in a faster, more efficient filling process.


Purchasing equipment from a single supplier also offers better, more reliable, support. There is familiarity with both the filler and the vape hardware so resolutions can be reached faster. Don’t spend all day on hold with multiple companies, get fast, knowledgeable support quickly from a single company.

Purchase a Cannabis Oil Filling Machine for Vape Cartridges

Greentank is known for our premium vape pens and hardware. We are now partnered with ATG Pharma to supply retailers with cannabis oil filling machines that perfectly match our vape products.

Need vape pen and oil filling machines for your business? Contact us today for quotes, information, and support.

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