Wholesale Vape Pens & Vaporizers: Guide for Retailers

Posted by Derek Champoux
6 years ago / October 15, 2018

Wholesale Vape Pens & Vaporizers: Guide for Retailers

Wholesale Vape Supplier

Whether starting a new business to target the emerging legal cannabis market or expanding an existing enterprise, you will need to work with a vaporizer wholesaler. Learn what to look for and how to get the most out of your wholesale purchasing.

We explore:

  • Getting the Best Price
  • Supply Chains
  • Product Quality & Range
  • Trust
  • Customer Service

Getting the Best Price for Vape Pens & Vaporizers

The whole purpose of buying wholesale is to get the best possible price.

The greater the gap between what you pay for a product and what you can sell the product for, the greater your profits. To this end, vaporizer wholesalers are the most profitable option for retailers to source vaporizers and vape pens.


Buy Direct from the Wholesaler

One of the big benefits of buying direct from a wholesaler is that you can skip the middleman. Buying from a middleman can be convenient, but that convenience comes at a cost. They buy wholesale and sell to you at an inflated price. Instead, look to build a relationship with the wholesaler.

Once you establish a relationship with the wholesaler, ordering from them is just as convenient as going through a middleman. The difference is that you are now making big savings on sourcing your vaporizers.


Buy in Bulk

With the exception of dropshipping, just about every retailer will be looking to buy in bulk from the wholesaler. Both parties are better off with bulk purchases.

As a result, most quality vaporizer wholesalers have minimum order sizes. The minimum order is the smallest number of units you can order to buy from the wholesaler. They may make an exception for an initial purchase to test the product, but that varies between companies and products.

If you want the best price, you usually don’t want to buy the minimum order. Most wholesale vendors offer tiered pricing. The per unit price decreases the larger the order. So it’s worthwhile purchasing as large of an order as you can with regards to storage and ability to sell within shelf-life of the product.

An example of how price tiers work:

TierNumber of Units OrderedPrice (per unit)

(Example only: actual prices not listed.)


Avoid Overseas Wholesalers (if possible)

Most companies manufacture their product overseas. This can greatly benefit retailers with a lower price point for vape pens and vaporizers. While buying products manufactured overseas is beneficial, it’s best to avoid wholesalers who are headquartered overseas.

By working with a North American wholesaler you can ensure that all the necessary checks and balances are in place to ensure high-quality and reliability. A North American vape pen wholesaler provides:

  • Greater quality control & assurance
  • Low failure rates
  • Strong customer service

Reliable Supply Chain & Scalability

For any long-term business plan, you need to lock down a reliable supply chain. That means finding a wholesaler who can deliver your product on time and in full for every order. As well, they should be capable of delivering consistent quality.

The lowest price alone isn’t the best option if the supplier cannot deliver on consistent quality. Find out what sort of quality assurance they have, as well as learning about their manufacturing process. If a manufacturer cuts corners in production, it can directly affect your brand.

To build a reliable supply chain, you should cultivate a positive relationship with your wholesaler. Ideally, you want a business relationship that benefits both parties – this will ensure that you are a priority for them.

As mentioned in the previous section, it is also ideal to find a wholesaler in close proximity (i.e. not overseas). This avoids logistical problems as well as minimizing language barriers.



Another important factor to consider is scalability. You want to have your business in a position to scale up. When that happens, is your supplier able to meet your required output?

One of the factors you should consider when choosing a supplier is their production scale. Ideally, you want there to be enough room in their production capability to match your growth. If you start off ordering 50,000 units a month and the wholesaler’s production limit is 60,000 units a month, your scalability is limited.

Another factor to consider is the supplier’s financial backing. It’s possible they limit production size in order to avoid waste. But, if they have the capital behind them, they can ramp up production quickly. Greentank, for instance, was able to quickly raise $4.3 million in a SEED round. They are now backed by major investors like Green Acre Capital and Casa Verde Capital. With this backing, they have a better ability to ramp up production in the future as needed.

Wholesale Vape Pens

Product Quality & Range

When buying wholesale vape pens, the best price and supply availability doesn’t matter if you pick up an inferior product. The cannabis concentrates industry is still young, and it’s important to establish yourself as a quality product in the early stages to ensure your lasting presence in the marketplace.

Having high-quality products means a better customer experience and a more reliable product. With vaporizers made using high-grade alloys and advanced technology, customers can expect the same perfect pull with every draw on the vape. This quality and reliability is the basis for building your loyal customer base.


Product Range

Look around for vaporizer wholesalers who offer a wide range of products. There is a lot of different ways to vape, and different vape pens serve different purposes. Having a greater range of vaporizers available will let you test and cash in on the best market for your product.

The differences can be as simple as providing different temperatures for indica versus sativa strains. Or the type of vaporizers can change from purposes like finding the best vaporizers for dabbing, to the most convenient and discreet options for on-the-go vaping.

In the disposable vape pen market, there is a huge variety of things customers are looking for. Some are eco-conscious, looking for recyclable vape pens. Recycling programs also benefit the retailer who can collect, recharge, and reintroduce the pens back in the market, reducing their costs.

At Greentank, we offer multiple innovative vaporizers with world-class design. Each has a focus on high-quality and delivering on specific customer needs.


Finding a supplier is hard for any business. Being able to establish trust in the vaporizer wholesaler and their product is essential. One of the best ways to determine trust early on is to see what other relationships they have established.

A wholesaler already working with top names in your industry is a strong indicator of trustworthiness. It demonstrates that they are able to meet the quality, supply, and price point of other successful businesses.

Customer Service

Good customer service is an essential component of a successful partnership between retailers and suppliers. When shopping for wholesale vape pens, look for strong customer service support.

Automated customer service can be a fast option for simple issues and questions, but do they have a human element as well? Real human interaction is the only way to meet your business’ specific needs and more complex questions.

Having quality customer service is a way the wholesaler can show that their customers are a priority.

Purchase Wholesale Vape Pens & Vaporizers

Are you ready to get involved in the fast-growing industry of cannabis concentrates? Greentank has the best vape pens for enterprises and retailers. Contact our sales team today for all your questions about our vape pen & vaporizer technology, products, and pricing.

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