What Is the Best Vaporizer For Dabbing?

Posted by Derek Champoux
6 years ago / August 24, 2018

What Is the Best Vaporizer For Dabbing?

Traditionally vaporizers and dab rigs have been treated as two separate instruments. However, as the popularity of vaporization grows, more people are learning to dab with a vaporizer.

This is due in part to the convenience, health, and reputations of the two processes. Dabbing has begun to receive negative connotations due to its appearance and traditional methods. Vaporizing, on the other hand, has a growing positive reputation that is seeing many dabbers switch to vape pens for their dabs.

Vape Pen For Dabbing

Traditional Tools for Vaping Vs Dabbing

The different tools for vaping and dabbing give a good idea of how they have developed such different reputations. Vaporizers are more modern, with a much cleaner appearance. Techniques for dabbing, on the other hand, are older with a rougher appearance.


Dabbing Tools

hot knifingDabbing tools use conductive heating. The original dabbing tool was a knife. A knife was heated over a stove, and a dab of hashish was placed on the knife. The intense heat vaporized the hash, which was then inhaled.

This method was called hot-knifing and it gave rise to the term dabbing because of the dab used.

The process went through an evolution over time. Most dab rigs today use a blowtorch, dab tool, and nail. The dab tool holds the dab, and the blowtorch heats the nail. Once it gets hot enough the nail vaporizes the dab.

Some people today use an e-nail for dabbing. This is like a traditional dab rig but uses an electric coil to heat the nail. It is generally considered superior to traditional dabbing methods but is expensive and is rarely portable.


Vaping Tools

Vaping tools can use either conductive or convective heating methods. Conduction vapes use a similar principle to dab rigs, with a more modern approach. Instead of a nail, there is a hot plate inside of the vaporizer that it heats electronically.

In convection vapes, an electric mechanism heats the air in a chamber. Convection vape pens are a great tool for vaporizing dry herbs. However, for the heavily-concentrated waxes used in dabbing, conduction is generally preferred. As a result, conduction vapes are the best pens for dabs.


Other Key Factors to Consider

Not all vape pens are created equal. We take a look at a few of the other key factors worth considering while shopping vaporizers for dabbing.



Convenience is an important consideration. For most, the ability to conveniently transport a vaporizer is important. One of the big disadvantages of old dab rigs is their lack of portability. Even today, many vaporizers need to be plugged into an outlet for operation.

A small, lightweight, battery operated vaporizer is more convenient and easy to carry. Some current vaporizer dab rigs are smaller than a cellphone.

Dab Vape Pen


Temperature is an important consideration for vapes. The best vape pens have fast heat up times and provide accurate, consistent temperature.

A common mistake is turning up the heat too high. Heat over 365° releases benzene, a carcinogen in car exhaust and cigarettes linked to acute and long-term health issues.

Low-quality vaporizers use high heat to create a thick vapour with a strong taste. Look for better quality vape pens that can use safe temperatures to create a quality vapour.


Environmentally Friendly

Environmental concerns are perhaps more relevant today than ever before. As a result, many people are looking for consumables that minimize our environmental impact. Fortunately, there are green-friendly vaping options.

Other environmental factors to consider include lifespan, energy consumption, leakage, and splash back. Minimizing these results in minimizing your ecological footprint.


The Best Vape Pen For Dabbing

The advances in vaporizers over the past few years has resulted in the best options for vaping and dabbing we’ve ever seen. But when it comes to dabbing, there is only one we can consider the best vape pen for dabbing.

The GT Torrch is the next generation dab rig. It provides the perfect dab with all the advantages of a top-of-the-line vaporizer. Low-temperature vaporization and conduction heating create a clean, efficient burn with a full flavour.

It has an improved lifespan with a coil-less ceramic chamber and it’s easy to clean design. It is detachable, for easy cleaning access with snap stick isopropyl cleaning swabs.

Offering zero leakage and splash back minimizes waste, while also meaning there is no sticky mess. Combine that with its portability and performance and the GT Torrch is, without a doubt, the best vape pen for dabbing.

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