The GT Torrch | Introducing The Best Portable Cannabis Dab Rig

Posted by Derek Champoux
6 years ago / February 7, 2018

The GT Torrch | Introducing The Best Portable Cannabis Dab Rig

Forget Your Tradition Rig, The GT Torrch Packs A Punch Full Of Flavor

The dabbing community has grown exponentially over the last few years and has become a favorite amongst cannabis connoisseurs. The concentrates market has grown by upwards of 110% in certain markets and continues to grow amongst those still introducing cannabis legislation. Dabbing, the act of dabbing your concentrate into a very high-temperature bowl to create vapor is a little daunting for most first time users and looks pretty complicated to those that are trying it out for the very first time.


The GT Torrch was designed and developed to combat this problem. Although a sleek and portable vaporizer, the GT Torrch does not compromise on flavor and vapor quality. Using True-Taste Ceramic Core Technology, this device is specifically made for shatter and other hard concentrates.

Premium Vaporizer. Premium Materials.

Shatter and other hard cannabis concentrates need a superior quality vape device in order to effectively produce the true flavor that the extractor meant to elicit. Built with premium material, and a ceramic heating bowl that is baked at high temperatures which eliminates 99% of impurities (highest in the market), the GT Torrch ramps up all terpene profiles and gives a user experience like no other device in the industry.


Full-Flavor At The Push Of A Button

The GT Torrch vaporizes concentrates with high terpene content at a low temperature, giving users unparalleled clean flavor and the ultimate ‘Dabbing’ experience at the push of a button. When you expect an ultra-smooth concentrate vaping experience and want pure terpene flavor with no burnt taste, carry the GT Torrch.

Designed for low-temperature vaporization, the True-Taste Ceramic Core heats up slowly for the first 6-seconds which elicits the full-flavor of your concentrate. After 6-seconds, the Core temperature rises to delivers large, smooth vapor quickly to the user. The GT Torrch delivers an ultra smooth draw that is satisfying each and every time.


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