Your Dedicated Partner

Posted by Dave Kaplan
4 years ago / June 9, 2020

Your Dedicated Partner

Greentank team


At Greentank, we’re more than a “hardware solutions provider.” We’re your hardware solutions partner.

That’s a crucial distinction in our industry, as it highlights the unique symbiotic relationships we have with our clients. Rather than selling you hardware and sending you on your way, we’re fully committed to the success of your brand and are here to help you through the entire process.

What does that mean, exactly? It means we provide three robust support systems before, during, and after the sale of your hardware:

  1. Pre-sale hardware consultations
  2. Dedicated, hands-on account management
  3. A full suite of post-sale support

Let’s dive a little deeper into all three support systems to identify how each sets Greentank apart from every other hardware solutions provider in the industry:

Pre-Sale Hardware Consultations

Greentank Chief Engineer Pete Dyson


One-size-fits-all doesn’t fit into the equation at Greentank. Because oil formulations and extracts come in a variety of different viscosities, you can’t rely on standard hardware solutions to perfectly match your extracts. The outcome invariably produces subpar results, prohibiting ideal vapor production and sacrificing the true taste of your extracts.

That’s why we offer complimentary presale hardware consultations for all of our partners. In these meetings, an expert member of our product team will help you qualify your extract’s specific viscosities, characteristics, and requirements before identifying which Greentank hardware will pair best with your formulation. The experience and wisdom we have acquired from hundreds of past consultations allows us to also provide oil formulation adjustment recommendations to help your extract achieve certain intended viscosity or flavor idiosyncrasies.

Personal Account Management

Greentank Personal Account Management


Greentank’s hands-on approach to account management is renowned in the industry. We’re not satisfied with merely providing great service. We go the extra mile for every one of our partners to ensure their product visions come to life without exceeding timelines or budgets.

From product information, pricing, customization options, and lead times, to thorough compliance and testing documentation, our Account Managers provide all of the information our partners need to succeed. And that’s not all we offer.

Our Account Managers will also:

  • Walk you through the entire dieline, sampling, and mass production processes to provide the most thorough and transparent access to how we custom tailor and produce your hardware.
  • Provide expert regulatory and branding advice to help you differentiate your hardware within the constraints of regional cannabis product and labeling laws.
  • Present you with hundreds of packaging options to help you identify the solution that best suits your product and brand.
  • Directly correspond with our manufacturing facilities to ensure your hardware works perfectly, looks incredible, and is always delivered on time.

But most importantly, they’re your direct line of communication to Greentank and make themselves available around the clock to answer any of your questions.

Post-Sale Support

Greentank post-sale support


For most major hardware solutions providers, all client communications essentially cease the moment their hardware is delivered. Rest assured that this is never the case with Greentank.

As your hardware solutions partner, we firmly believe that the post-sale period is the most crucial to your success, and we do everything we can to ensure that you are prepared to bring your product to market.

To this end, we include elaborate Standard Operating Procedure manuals with every Greentank device, highlighting:

  • Recommended oil preheating temperature ranges
  • Manual and automated filling training
  • Best capping practices
  • Storage and transportation guidelines

We also provide complimentary instructional product inserts for end users and an educational training deck that explains how vape hardware works and why practices such as negative headspace and post-filling inversion are critical to your product’s success.

Members of our product team are on standby, ready to offer their expertise, support, and advice to guide you through these critical stages and steer you clear of cardinal mistakes that could prove costly to your product rollout. We can even recommend automated filling equipment and providers, if requested.

Some of our competitors offer these post-sale services at a considerable premium, but it’s part and parcel of the Greentank process—and just one more example of how we set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry.

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