GT Customization Series: Surface Finishes

Posted by Dave Kaplan
4 years ago / July 23, 2020

GT Customization Series: Surface Finishes

Greentank surface finish options

Selecting hardware that both matches and elevates your extracts does not automatically merit success in the market. You still need to make your product line stand out from the competition on retail shelves. It needs to turn heads and delight your consumer demographics in ways no other devices on the market do. That’s why Greentank offers more in-depth customization options than any other vape hardware manufacturer in the world.

When you partner with Greentank, you don’t just get the industry’s highest performing and most reliable vape devices. You also get a blank canvas to imprint your brand’s D.N.A. and blueprints upon so you can turn your hardware visions into reality.

This series will take a close look at the various types of customization options Greentank offers. Today, we’re looking at our 7 unique surface finishes and the aesthetic possibilities that each affords.

Gloss Paint

Greentank gloss finish

This shiny powder coat finish emphasizes rich and vibrant color choices. Perfect for brands that are looking to differentiate their product lines with distinctive solid colors. Moisture resistant and easy to clean. Looks brand new every time you use it. We offer gloss paint and ultra gloss paint options.

Matte Paint

Greentank matte finish

This sleek and subdued powder coat finish accentuates muted color choices. Perfect for brands that are looking to create elegant product lines with a more classic feel. Also moisture resistant and easy to clean.

Matte Rubber Oil

Greentank matte rubber oil finish

This satin, protective finish gives your product line a luxurious feel and soft-touch grip. Perfect for brands looking to convey a more refined, high-end aesthetic for their products. Endless color options available.


Greentank anodized finish

Our most durable metallic finish, reinforced with an added surface oxide layer. Anodized finishes are wear-resistant and known for retaining colors longer than paint layers. Perfect for brands that are looking for resistant, yet distinct, surface finishes for their product lines. Greentank offers dozens of anodized color options, including customized pantones.


Greentank electroplate finish

Our most cost-effective metallic coating, known for its lustrous appearance, durability, and heat resistance. Perfect for brands that are looking for a metallic aesthetic at a lower price point. Greentank offers four electroplated color options: silver, gold, rose gold, and gun metal.

Wrap Print

Greentank wrap print finish

This popular, inexpensive finish allows you to showcase your brand’s logo, colors, and artwork using a customized adhesive label. Perfect for brands with complex or multicolor logos and artwork or as an underlying base for distinctive secondary treatment options, such as spot UV and foiling.


Greentank pearlescent finish

Our most unique surface finish, this iridescent, satin coating is certain to distinguish your product line from the competition. Because pearlescent finishes both reflect and refract light, your product will appear to look different depending on the angle it is observed from. Perfect for brands looking to convey a one-of-a-kind brand identity and aesthetic.


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