The Quantum Vape Chip Challenge

Posted by Derek Champoux
4 weeks ago / April 29, 2024

The Quantum Vape Chip Challenge

Greentank put its innovative new chip heating technology to the test

In one of the most competitive and mature markets in the world, Greentank launched its all-new Quantum Vape heating technology. This revolutionary chip is a far departure from the stagnating ceramic heating that is seen throughout the industry. To test out whether Quantum Vape was truly better than Ceramic heating technology, we put it to the test in a true blind experience challenge.

Participants were given two unmarked, and completely covered vape devices. One contained the standard Ceramic heating, and the other contained the new Quantum Vape heating chip. This was a huge risk, as consumers could very well fall back on what they know best and prefer the outdated technology.

Here were the results:

Quantum Vape boasts overall better performance

Through its game-changing micro-channels, which act more like a pump, compared to a ceramic, which acts like a sponge being used over-and-over again, extracts are not thermally cycled and produce a “first-puff” experience from the first to last draw.

A unique and well-thought-out housing design allows for an increased air-to-vapor ratio leading to up to 50% colder vapor, which is undeniably smoother and more flavorful.

The blind challenge results speak for themself

We not only did this challenge in the most mature and experienced market, but we also trialed this new technology exclusively to industry insiders. Those that have been in the culture for years, if not decades. We wanted to make sure that if they were satisfied, everyday consumers would be blown away by an all-new vaping experience.

Overall, an astounding 81% of participants chose Quantum Vape over traditional ceramic heating. 87% chose Quantum Vape when trying both devices with a terpy distillate. The results speak for themself. Quantum Vape was a fan favorite, with incredible testimonials like, “This is game-changing”, “I’ve never experienced vape like this”, “It’s so much colder and smoother”, and “Wow, the flavor is…wow!”.

It’s safe to say that Quantum Vape made a huge splash when put up against the stagnating ceramic heating technology seen across the market. It’s time for something new.

For more info on Quantum Vape click here.

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