How to Choose the Best Vaporizers For Enterprise

Posted by Derek Champoux
6 years ago / October 9, 2018

How to Choose the Best Vaporizers For Enterprise

Vaporizers for Enterprise

Businesses Are Cashing In On Legalization

Business is booming in areas with legalized marijuana. All sorts of businesses are cashing in while the fire is hot. In 2017, spending on legal cannabis reached $9.2 billion (USD) in North America alone and is predicted to reach $47.3 billion per year by 2027.

For enterprise businesses, this is a growth opportunity that doesn’t come along every day.  “I should have invested in legal cannabis,” will be the, “I should have invested in Apple,” ten years from now.

The difference is this time we know how big of an opportunity this is. As a result, many enterprises are looking for ways to cash in now. One of the best options is vaporizers. In California, vapes already make up 80% of the cannabis concentrates market.

In Canada, it’s actually the perfect time to get your business involved in vaporizers. You don’t need to rush to launch by October 17th. The concentrates market won’t open up until the second phase of legalization. So you still have time to get to market early. Even in legal US states, the market is still young enough to build a lasting foothold.

We take a look at what to look for in the best vaporizers for enterprise companies.


For market success, a vaporizer will have to deliver on quality. That means high-quality taste, design, and materials.

One of our biggest focuses is on delivering the best taste and experience. A lot of the vapes on the market are using outdated e-cigarette style technology. They can’t deliver the quality that ensures long-term customers.

True-Taste Ceramic Core Technology is the brainchild of Greentank, designed to deliver on high-quality vaping. It gently warms the oil, so it vaporizes without damaging the terpene THC profile. As a result, consumers get a better tasting vapor with the intended results.

Material quality is another important factor. With high-grade alloys and materials, vape pens can avoid degradation for lasting quality. Better materials and design can offer anti-leak systems and greater viscosity ranges.

As well, better materials make for a better feel. Holding a Greentank vaporizer instead of a cheap e-cigarette style vape is like the difference between holding a Mont Blanc pen over a BIC.


The mark of true quality is reliability. Delivering consistent performance and taste keeps customers loyal to your brand. True-Taste technology is one of the tools that allow our vaporizers to offer a consistent taste on every draw.

As well, battery enhancements result in better performance. For example, the 340 MAH Lithium-Ion Ultra-Charge battery keeps our vapes pulling consistently with every pull. Combining this with a built-in indicator light lets users know if the vape pen battery needs to be charged, so they don’t get an inferior pull with a low charge.

PCBA controllers can allow for precise timing. This makes sure each draw is the same length. The result, a consistent dose and flavour.

Another difference maker for reliability is having vaporizers for specific uses. People are looking for specific vaping experiences – having the right tool improves their experience. For example, the GT M7 disposable vape pen is designed for high viscosity oil. Others are looking for vaporizers for dabbing such as the GT Torrch.

Whatever the need, we carry a wide range of vaporizer products to satisfy any customer.


The option for custom branding is an important aspect for most vaporizers for enterprise businesses. Branding makes your product identifiable by your customers. It allows you to stand out from competitors. And it helps to promote your brand while in use.

Custom Branded Vaporizers

A number of our vape pens, such as the GT M7 (pictured above) allow for customizable wraps and window designs so you can get your brands logo on the product, looking crisp and professional.

Where Can Enterprises Purchase Vaporizers Wholesale?


The best value for high-quality vaporizers is purchasing wholesale. Launch your business’ cannabis concentrates venture on the right foot with superior products from Greentank. Contact us to learn about our wholesale options.

For more information, consult our Wholesale Vape Pen Guide for Retailers.

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