The Emerging Role of Vaporizers in the Medical World

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / January 15, 2019

The Emerging Role of Vaporizers in the Medical World

Medical Cannabis Vaporizers

Vaporizers already have a reputation as a healthier alternative. Vaping CBD oil can help quit smoking and inhaling vaporized cannabis is much more lung-healthy than smoking marijuana. But with the rise in legalization, vaporizers are beginning to make waves as medical devices rather than simply healthier alternatives.

Today, we take a look at the emerging role of vape pens in the medical world.

Medical Marijuana Vape Pens

Medical marijuana was among the first medical uses for cannabis vape pens and is still growing today. Aurora, a recreational and medical marijuana producer and supplier is expanding their medical operations including their recent acquisition of a Mexican pharmaceutical company.

Aurora recommends that medical marijuana patients use vaporizers to minimize health risks. By vaporizing marijuana users avoid the carcinogens, toxins, and respiratory irritants associated with smoking.

As well, vaporizers are a more effective delivery system than ingesting cannabis through smoking or edibles. Vapor enters the bloodstream faster and bypasses the digestive system. As a result, patients receive faster effects with lower dosages. That can mean both faster relief and cost-savings.

Still, medical marijuana vape pens are not the only opportunity for vaporizers to change the medical world.

Medical Vaporizer

Replacing Needles With Vaporizers

Trypanophobia, a fear of medical procedures that involve needles, is common and presents a challenge for medical professionals. And that’s not the only challenge that needles present. Treatments with needles can act slowly, and access to sterile needles is difficult in some regions. Vaporizers may be the solution.

Some medical companies are looking to replace needles with vaporizers. For example, insulin inhalers are already changing the game for diabetics. Similar to a vaporizer, these inhalers allow rapid absorption into the bloodstream without the use of a needle.

As with medical marijuana, using a vaporizer for delivering medicine skips the digestive system. This allows for the effects to take hold rapidly. As a result, vaporizers can act faster than needles.

Another advantage is that a user can use the same vaporizer multiple times. Needles are one-use items which adds to cost, creates hazardous medical waste, and creates more garbage. With replaceable mouthpieces, vape pens may also be a good alternative in places without ready access to sterile needles.

In regions where sterile needles are difficult to come by, medical professionals and experience are often in short order as well. This is another benefit of vape pens. The ability to use preset dosages means administering medicine or vaccinations through a vaporizer wouldn’t require the same level of training as a needle.

Vaporizers & E-Medicine

The non-expert application of vaporizers has further applications than providing healthcare to developing nations. Vape pens may end up playing an important role in the changing healthcare scene of countries with sophisticated health systems. Modern e-medicine is already making headway in diagnosis and treatment.

E-Medicine is transforming how countries provide healthcare. Even in advanced healthcare systems such as Canada’s accessibility to medical professionals isn’t where it should be. While medical facilities are readily available, wait times are long and costs are high.

Taking advantage of online consultations, often through video chats, reduces congestion in hospitals and helps keeps costs low. As a result, more people can get access to the care they need.

Emergency rooms and walk-in clinics are full of people with headaches and the flu. Used in conjunction with vaporizers, e-medicine makes it possible to recognize and treat these issues without having to physically visit the doctor. This saves time, money, and avoids putting other people in the waiting room at risk of contagions.

Currently, companies are working on cures for migraines and flu that use vaporizers. The ease of use means medical professionals may be required to prescribe the medication, but not to administer. This puts less strain on the medical system, keeping costs lower and reducing wait times.

CBD Vape Pens for the Common Cold

Although CBD is unlikely to be prescribed for a common cold, since it is antibacterial while a cold is viral, it can be a relief. In places with legal marijuana people are using to CBD vape pens to manage cold symptoms.

Cold relief

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help unclog stuffed-up sinuses and help to relax or even induce sleep. While it’s not a cure, vaping CBD may make a cold more tolerable.

If experiencing a cold or flu, be sure to choose CBD and not THC oil. The psychoactive effects of THC can be unpleasant with a flu. As well, the immune-suppressing effects can also reduce your body’s ability to fight it off.

While THC is best avoided during colds, other vape oils can have benefits. Studies suggest that essential oils like eucalyptus may be beneficial during a cold. Much like using Vicks VapoRub, vaping eucalyptus oil may help loosen phlegm and treat respiratory tract infections.

High-Quality Vape Pens for Medical Use

As the vaporizer trend continues to grow the potential medical applications are sure to increase. For now, there are not only promising opportunities but proven uses such as vaping medical marijuana. Regardless of the application, all medical uses of vape pens will require high-quality products and innovative technology.

Greentank uses proprietary technology and the latest innovations to provide the best vaporizer products to cannabis retailers and medical suppliers. Contact us today for questions or information about our wholesale options.

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