Oil Vaping Tips | Beginner & Intermediate Vape Pen Tips

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / January 4, 2019

Oil Vaping Tips | Beginner & Intermediate Vape Pen Tips

A good tool performs best under skilled hands. Even the best vaporizer products require some user knowledge to deliver a truly superb experience. Fortunately, it’s a skill anyone can learn. In this article, we take a look at some vape pen tips that will help beginner and intermediate vapers get the most out of their vape pens.


5. Take Shallow Puffs

Sometimes you’ll see experienced vapers taking deep puffs of thick vapor. It’s especially tempting for people who are using cannabis vaporizers to quit smoking. There’s a temptation to inhale deeply if you did so with cigarettes, but vapor and smoke are not the same.

If you’re just getting started with vaping, it’s best to take shallower puffs. Deep puffs may be too harsh, and if vaping with cannabis oil, it can be very intense. It’s best to stay shallow while you learn what works for you and what you like.


4. Watch the Temperature

Vape pen temperature has a lot of variables depending on the types of concentrates and personal preference. To get a consistent experience, you need to use a vape pen that delivers consistent temperatures and has reliable controls.

Often, vaporizers will measure in watts instead of temperature. In short, the more Watts, the higher the temperature. Generally, with cannabis oil vape pens, we recommend starting at a lower wattage and working your way up.

Low watt vaping produces a smoother vapor and a less intense high. As temperatures increases, the vapor becomes thicker such as with Sub-Ohm vaping. For the best vape pens for dabs, you need a vaporizer capable of high heat without burning the concentrate.


3. Be Conservative (Especially for Starters)

For many of us, it’s tempting to jump in head first, but the gung-ho approach isn’t always the best option. For beginner vapers, it’s smart to start conservatively. Going all out right from the start burns through your concentrates quickly and can be intense enough to put people right off vaping.

With a slow approach, you can experience smooth vapor and find the levels your body is most comfortable with. High temperatures burn up a lot of product and create a vapor that some people find too harsh. Instead, increasing bit by bit lets you find your own sweet spot.


2. Oil Quality

Whether vaping essential or cannabis oil, concentrate quality matters. Even with a high-quality vape pen, you need good concentrates to get the best vape experience. Legal marijuana is making it easier to find reliable sources for better oil quality. With safety and regulation, you can be sure about what goes into your vape pen.

Different types of concentrates also have different effects and purposes. Read The Vaper’s Guide to Oils to discover which vape oil is best for you.


1. Vape Quality

As with most tools, it’s not just how you use it that matters – but the quality of the tool itself. It’s why cannabis retailers choose high-quality vaporizers when selling their product. A better vape pen means a better user experience with reliable use and taste that keeps customers coming back.

For vapers, getting vape pens with the latest technology is a safer and better experience.


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