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Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / January 4, 2019

Sommeliers are a staple in the wine industry and they’re starting to show up in other industries as well. Ever since the craft beer boom, beer sommeliers have been on the rise. Now with legal marijuana a growing global trend, the cannabis sommelier is coming to prominence.

What is a Cannabis Sommelier?

The official term for a cannabis sommelier is an interpener. Just as a wine sommelier has an intimate knowledge of all aspects of wine, the interpener has a similar knowledge level of marijuana. They determine the best flavor profiles, as well as determining ideal pairings and use.

The name “interpener” is a portmanteau of “interpreting terpenes.” Terpenes are the oils that give cannabis different aromas. But it’s not just about smells – while cannabis sommeliers are trained to identify quality and psychoactive effects of cannabis by sight and smell, they have an in-depth knowledge of the entire process from seed to distribution.

Wine sommeliers must understand how growing conditions, grape types, fermentation processes, barrel types, and more affect the flavor and quality of the end product. In the same way, interpeners must know how cannabis’ flavor, aroma, quality and effects are influenced by:

  • Strain
    • Taxonomy
    • Speciation
  • Cultivation
  • Distribution (including storage)
  • Ingestion Method
  • Terpenes
  • Cannabinoids

There are now institutes in Canada and the USA offering courses in interpening. This role is becoming essential in the legal cannabis market as vendors strive to provide consistency, accuracy, and high-quality products.

What Affects Taste?

Every strain of marijuana has its own aroma and flavor. While potency is important to many buyers, aromas – which are indicative of taste – are their first quality check. Both taste and scent are primarily controlled by terpenes and terpenoids. In addition to choosing specific strains, different growing methods also affect flavor profiles.

Another taste consideration when vaping cannabis is the smoke density.

Thicker Vape Smoke

Vape pen users who want a strong flavor need thicker vape smoke. A thicker cloud means a fuller flavor. The densest vape clouds come from Sub-Ohm vape pens. These vape pens use high-viscosity vape oils and a high energy output.

For those looking for an intense flavor, Sub-Ohm is ideal. But some people find it to be too harsh. In our Introduction to Sub-Ohm Vaping, we take a look at the pros and cons, to determine whether Sub-Ohm vaping is right for your users.

Importance of Vape Pen Quality on Flavour

No surprises here, high-quality vaporizer pens produce the best vape flavor. They use superior technology that allows for consistent, reliable flavors and product delivery. When companies purchase lower quality materials, they risk losing customers to burnt concentrates and subpar tastes.

One of the biggest influences vape pen quality has on its flavor is in the coil design. Direct contact coils provide quick heat transfer, but they can easily burn the cannabis concentrates. That’s why Greentank Ceramic Core Technology is the best option. It uses indirect contact heating, providing a full, consistent flavor with no burnt taste.

Another important concern is the vaporizer batteries. Consistent taste only comes from a high-quality battery that delivers the same experience use after use. The best vape pen batteries provide:

  • Better battery capacity
  • Faster charge up times
  • Safety
  • Ideal materials
  • Compatible size and threading

The ability to match the battery to the pen and its purpose gives high-quality vape pens greater control over their flavor and experience.

Buying Vape Pens That Provide The Best Flavor

When looking to deliver the best vape flavor, cannabis sommeliers are only one part of the equation. Buying wholesale vape pens of superb quality keeps your customers coming back and improves your brand reputation. Contact us today for quotes or questions.

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