What Is Greentank Ceramic Core Technology? | Vape Pen Innovations

Posted by Derek Champoux
6 years ago / October 22, 2018

What Is Greentank Ceramic Core Technology? | Vape Pen Innovations

Ceramic Vaporizer
Every Greentank vape pen is built with our innovative Greentank Ceramic Core Technology, but what does that mean?

When retailers look for high-quality wholesale vape pens, they’re looking for the best possible experience for their customers. So what are customers looking for? They want a vaporizer that offers full flavor, maximum terpenes, and no burnt taste. And that is the experience the ceramic core design delivers.

Innovative Vape Pen Technology: How Does It Work?

Greentank ceramic core vaporizers technology provides the best-tasting vapor with their ceramic core. In traditional vaporizers, the oil comes into direct contact with the heating coil. This direct contact is what causes the burnt taste. For vaporizers with low-quality parts, this is the only efficient way to heat the oil effectively.

At Greentank, our high-quality vape pen products use better batteries, design, and materials meaning we are not stuck with these same limitations. Our vaporizers have the heating coil built directly into the ceramic core. The zero-contact ceramic means the oil doesn’t come into contact with the element.

Building the coil in the core prevents burnt tastes while providing a full, natural vapor output with a maximum terpene profile. As a result, our users get the best vape flavor with a consistency and quality they can rely on.

For enterprise businesses selling vape products and condensates, this is important. You work hard to create a premium product that deserves to be experienced in full.

Best Vapor Flavor & More

The design of Greentank Ceramic Core Technology goes beyond creating the best tasting vapes on the market. The design focuses on creating a better all-around experience.

They are flexible, able to handle all types of oils and concentrates. That means it doesn’t matter whether they’re used for vaping Indica, Sativa, oils, or shatter – they always deliver the best vapor flavor. As well, the POD, cartridge and containment options are customizable to meet any need.

The core also boasts a Zero-Leak curved airflow design. This ensures a full and consistent flavor with no wasted oil or vapor. It is compatible with quick-response batteries to further improve the vapor flow consistency.

The core is built to withstand high heat. The ceramic is triple-baked, allowing it to withstand temperatures up to 1000℃ (1832℉). This exceeds even the highest temperature vape pen demands, ensuring it holds up to heavy use even in extreme conditions.

Purchase The Best Vape Pen Technology For Your Products

As the vape trend continues to grow and is becoming a standard of the legal cannabis market, businesses are looking to get the most innovative and reliable vaporizers.

Right now, Greentank Ceramic Core Technology provides the best vape flavor and experience on the market, and our team is always working on what’s next to come. Explore our current line of products or contact our sales team today for sales, quotes, or information.

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