Can Vape Pens Alleviate the Opioid Crisis?

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / January 29, 2019

Can Vape Pens Alleviate the Opioid Crisis?

CBD Opioid Crisis

Over the past year, the opioid crisis has become one of the biggest social issues in Canada and the USA. In America, opioid overdoses have become more common than car accident fatalities. Everyone is clamouring for a solution, and CBD vape pens are showing potential to alleviate the opioid crisis.

We take a look at the crisis and how CBD vape pens can help.

About The Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis, or opioid epidemic, is the widespread abuse and misuse of opioids. It ranges from misusing prescription drugs to heroin use, and both are on the rise. As a result, there is a sharp spike in deaths from overdoses as well as fetal complications and withdrawal.

2017 saw an all-time high in opioid overdoses in America and this may have been surpassed in 2018.

The Problem With Prescription Pills

The 1990s are the root of the opioid epidemic, back when prescription painkillers became commonplace. The problem continued to grow over time since the opioid painkillers such as codeine and oxycodone were highly addictive. And it wasn’t just pain patients who began abusing opioids.

Combining their ready availability with tightening enforcement on street drugs meant that painkillers were a much more available drug. Use became common with teens and users who couldn’t get their hands on other drugs. Use often escalated to more dangerous opioids like heroin and allowed fentanyl to show up on the streets.

Prescription drugs are responsible for more drug-related deaths than all street drugs combined. In part, this comes from a misconception that prescription pills are safer than illegal drugs. As well, people have easy access. Most teens get them right out of their parents’ medicine cabinets.

The addictive and unpredictable nature of opioids made them into dangerous painkillers. Now, people recognize the need for a safer pain management alternative.

Prescription Drug Fatalities

Vaping CBD as a Safer Pain Management Alternative

From falls to workplace accidents and car crashes, pain will always be a big industry. What can change is our approach to pain management. One of the growing solutions is using CBD as a pain management alternative.

CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana plant. CBD oil helps treat anti-inflammation and manages pain effectively. This compound doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of THC. So users are able to go about their day normally, unlike the sedative and drowsy side effects of opioids.

As well, vaping CBD does not develop the extreme dependence as is seen in opioid use.

In places where medical cannabis is legal, people are choosing medical marijuana over opioids. The result is that patients:

  • Feel better
  • Have more control over their lives
  • Don’t share the same risks of dependence or overdose

Vape pens are the ideal option for ingesting medical marijuana. Vaping is safer than smoking because there is a more complete burn, resulting in fewer carcinogens. As well, the doses are far easier to control. This means CBD vape pens deliver consistent doses and results.

Higher Vaping Trends Correlate to Lower Opioid Usage

Where they are available, most recreational users choose marijuana and vaporizers instead of using opioids. Studies have indicated that where vaping is more common, opioid abuse occurs less frequently.

It is apparent that access is the main reason why people will use opioids rather than cannabis. This holds true for both recreational and medical use. With the growing trend of legalization in America, access to marijuana is growing. And more people are avoiding the trap of the opioid epidemic.

Pain management through CBD vape pens is already alleviating the opioid crisis in places where medical marijuana is legal. Pain patients making the switch to marijuana. The result is that opioid painkillers have become less available to those around them, especially their children.

CBD Vape Pens Can Help Overcome Opioid Addictions

Opioids, like heroin, are among the toughest addictions to overcome. Research into the effects of cannabidiol is showing the positive effects of heroin addicts using CBD vape pens in their rehabilitation. The non-psychoactive cannabis ingredient reduces cravings and decreases addict behavior.

Studies by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine have found evidence that CBD may be an effective treatment. Vaping the substance appears to decreases opioid cravings and reduces the likelihood of relapse. The effects are long-lasting, with the study finding these positive effects of CBD effective periods up to 2 weeks after ingestion.

This shows a promising medical role for vaporizers as well as new treatments with medical marijuana.

Wholesale Vape Pens for Pain Management

The pain management industry is a big business and is in the process of undergoing a massive shift. This change is not only going to benefit society, but it’s also a great opportunity for new business. Wholesale vape pens allow retailers to access affordable prices without sacrificing product quality.

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