How Vape Pens Help You Manage Your High

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / January 31, 2019

How Vape Pens Help You Manage Your High

Manage Your High

The vape pen trend continues to grow, beginning to cement itself as the future of the legal marijuana market. They are clean, convenient and have a number of advantages over other forms of cannabis ingestions.

They have a clean burn, making vaporizers safer than smoking cannabis in a joint or bong. As well, they offer a greater degree of control over a number of factors. This improves the overall experience.

We take a look at how vape pens help to manage your high:

Consistency & Reliability

One of the biggest advantages of a well-designed vape pen is that it offers consistency and reliability. High-quality vaporizers are made with better materials and technology for a predictable and controlled experience.

The best vape pen batteries are Li-ion for improved battery capacity. They charge faster and keep their charge longer so you don’t run out of power mid-draw. Battery indicator lights can give you advance warning of when you need your next charge.

They also use intelligent coil design such as the Greentank Ceramic Core Technology. This replaces old wick and open coil formats. The substance never touches the actual coil, preventing burnt tastes and delivering a consistent flavor.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is essential to vaping. Smoking is not able to offer consistent temperature control. Fire is difficult to control and fluctuates based on external factors like wind, weather, and oxygen. So when smoking marijuana, it’s difficult to manage your high effectively since the temperature is unpredictable.

Vape pens, on the other hand, allow for precise temperature control. Using electric power to generate heat the exact temperature is controlled by the set Volt and Ohm inputs. This allows users to choose how the vapor is delivered with every draw. When vaping cannabis, this allows for a predictable high, keeping you from using too much or too little.

Dosage Control

When using concentrates, like THC oil, you can determine the exact quantity of your dose. You can determine precisely how much you will ingest when inhaling.

You can add more or less as desired and even assign a numerical value to your ideal dose. This allows you to achieve your preferred high with every use.

Vapor Control

Modern vape pen design offers a better tasting and more controlled vapor. Vapor controls have a big impact on your experience. Lower vapor settings use less product and a smooth cloud.

Sum-Ohm vaping, on the other hand, produces a thick vapor cloud with a full flavor and harsher hit. You can play with the settings to find the vapor intensity that matches your desired tastes and buzz.

Innovative Vape Pen Design & Technology

In the cannabis industry, vape pens are setting the standard for marijuana ingestion. For vaporizer concentrate retailers, the quality of a vape pen is the determining factor in customer satisfaction.

Build a loyal client base with innovative vape pen technology that makes it easy to control your high, flavor, and experience. Contact us today for information or quotes.

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