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Getting The Best Pen For Wax: Buyers Guide

Wax concentrates are different from the cannabis concentrates found in your typical oil vape pen. Wax is a soft, thick substance that results from oils crystallizing after extraction. The name…

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RDA vs RTA: Which Is Best For Vaping?

When looking at vape hardware there is a lot of talk about RDA and RTA. These refer to the type of atomizer – the device that transforms the cannabis oil…

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Should You Share Your Vape Pen?

Cannabis consumption has always had a sharing culture. People standing or sitting in a circle passing a joint around That 70s Show style is virtually synonymous with marijuana. But while…

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Getting The Best Vapor Flavor For Indica & Sativa

Getting the best vapor flavor comes down to two elements, the vaporizer and the product. At Greentank, we firmly believe that we have the best cannabis oil vape pens on…

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Cannabis Vape Pens As A Possible Alternative to Prescription Medication

The stigma around cannabis is beginning to fade. As a result, the medical world is putting more focus on the potential uses and benefits of the plant.  The FDA is…

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Cannabis & Sports: Are Vape Pens Good For Athletes?

We’re in a whole new era of athleticism. Professional athletes are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before. And there is more focus on physical training for everyday people than…

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How To Use A Disposable Vape Pen

Disposable vape pens lead the cannabis vaporizer market. They are convenient and extremely user-friendly, making them an ideal choice for cannabis retailers. The extractor uses a filling machine to insert…

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5 Tips for Growing Your Cannabis Company

The time is ripe for building a cannabis company, it’s a fast-growing sector with a lot of potential. But there’s a lot of regulation and increasing competition. Whether you’re selling…

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510 Thread Battery Vape Pens: Retailer Guide 

The 510 threaded battery is the industry standard for high-quality vape pens. Although they date back to some of the earliest vape pen batteries, their technology has since come a…

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