Vape Temperature Settings Guide

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / October 14, 2019

Vape Temperature Settings Guide

Vape Pen Temperature

Vape temperature settings control your vaping experience, quality, and effects. With vast steps forward in vape pen technology, premium vape pens can now deliver an unrivaled user experience. This is, in large part, due to the improvements in temperature control and reliability.

Today, we’re looking at the importance of vape temperatures, as well as how to choose the right temperature settings for the experience you desire.

Oil Pens

Oil pens are the fastest-growing segment in the legal cannabis market. Their convenience, discretion, and portability have all contributed to their popularity. But one of their biggest benefits is that they offer a greater degree of control.

Determining the best oil pen temperature starts with the type of concentrates you are vaping.


Cannabis Oil Boiling Points

Different types of cannabis concentrates have different boiling points. To be able to vape, the boiling point is the minimum temperature. The boiling point for the most popular cannabis oils are:

  • THC Oil: 315℉
  • CBD Oil: 356℉
  • THCV Oil: 428℉

Vaporization Temperature: Effects On Vapor & Flavor

Cannabis concentrate boiling points only scratch the surface of vape temperature settings. Temperature also determines the flavor, vapor density, and effects.

Low-Temperature Vaping

Low-temperature vaping is the top recommendation for vape pens. It has a better flavor and it’s safer, having less impact on your lungs. Low-temp vaping is usually set at 374℉.

This setting produces a thinner vapor than higher temperatures. But thin vapor doesn’t mean less flavor. In fact, the low-temperature vapor is actually the most flavorful.

The flavors and aromas in cannabis vapor come from the terpenoids (terpenes) within. Terpenoids have a low boiling point, so the lower temperature releases a greater ratio of terpenes. The result is a vapor rich with flavor and aroma.

Medium-Temperature Vaping

Medium-temperature vaping is more popular amongst people who enjoy the satisfaction of a bigger, denser vapor cloud. Sub-Ohm vapers, who enjoy a thicker vapor, prefer this higher temperature setting. Medium temp vaping is usually set at 455℉.

In addition to density, a medium-temperature vapor is also warmer. The thicker vapor does come at a cost. It uses up your concentrates faster and requires more battery power. The best vape pen batteries are Lithium-ion. These have a higher energy density and can better handle the energy requirements of medium-temperature vaping.

High-Temperature Vaping

High-temperature vaping is not recommended. It is not as safe as vaping at low or medium temperatures. As well, the flavor quality is poorer and the experience is less reliable.

Dab Pen Temperature Settings

Dabbing technology has come a long way. Today, the best dab rigs are vaporizers. Vaporizer dab pens offer superior safety, consistency, and temperature control. And as with regular cannabis vape pens, temperature makes a big difference in your dab pen experience.

As a general rule, dab temperatures are set between 315℉ to 900℉. Below 315℉ is usually too low to vaporize cannabis concentrates. And above 900℉ can release carcinogens as well as a harsh, burnt vapor.


Low-Temperature Dabbing

Low-temperature dabbing is set between 315℉ and 450℉. Over the past few years, low-temperature dabs have become the new norm. It releases the best vapor flavor, with maximum terpene profiles. This vaporization temperature creates vapor that tastes the way the extractor intended.

Medium-Temperature Dabbing

Medium-temperate dabs use a range between 450℉ and 600℉. It creates a bigger vapor cloud, but delivers less flavor than the lower temperature setting. It’s a good in-between option for people who care about taste but prefer thicker clouds.

High-Temperature Dabbing

High-temperature dab settings range between 600℉ and 900℉. The higher the heat, the faster the combustion and thicker the cloud. The molecular structure of the terpenes begins to deteriorate, resulting in a loss of flavor.

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