An Introduction To Pairing Cannabis With Foods

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / October 10, 2019

An Introduction To Pairing Cannabis With Foods

Cannabis Food Pairings

Normally, we focus on how you can get the best vape flavor. Today, we’re helping you pick the best flavors to accompany your vape. In this guide, we give you a handy introduction to pairing cannabis with different foods.

Getting Started

When pairing cannabis with food, terpenes are your first consideration. These are what give strains cannabis their different flavors – it’s also why cannabis sommeliers are called terpeners. The higher the terpene concentration, the more aromatic and flavorful the cannabis. This allows you better experience the paired foods.

For this purpose, you should look for a terpene concentration between 7% and 12%.

The next consideration is THC vs CBD. THC is the psychoactive element of cannabis. It can heighten your enjoyment and appreciation of the texture and flavor of foods paired with cannabis.

For those who don’t want the psychoactive effects, cannabis with higher concentrations of CBD is a good alternative. However, the best effects come from a mix of THC and CBD oils.

And finally, you need to decide how you will consume your cannabis. Vaping is the best option for pairing cannabis with food.

Benefits of Vaping For Pairing Cannabis With Food

A cannabis vape pen is your best option for pairing with food. Vapor has a rich terpene flavor to better interact with the flavor profiles of your food spread. This allows you to better experience the combinations.

As well, cannabis vape pens offer a much purer taste in comparison to other methods of cannabis consumption. Unlike the alternatives, vaping does not distort the food’s flavor.

Edibles seem like they should be the natural choice for pairing with food. However, they’re actually one of the worst options. This is because the cannabis in edibles significantly alters the taste of the food.

Smoking isn’t much better. The direct heating and incomplete burn is not only harder on your lungs, but can also result in a burnt flavor. This burnt taste will directly impact how you experience the food pairing.

For the purest cannabis vapor, a ceramic coil vape pen is the best option. It avoids direct contact, so there is no burnt taste and it offers optimal temperature control.

Pairing Tips

The key to successfully pairing cannabis with food is finding flavor profiles that complement each other. Good pairing can vary in complexity. They serve to highlight each others’ notes, emphasize flavor, or provide a pleasant contrast.

The type of food should complement the vapor flavor. For instance, sour cannabis oils pair best with sweet foods, like chocolates. Whereas a fruit or citrus-based foods benefit most from complementary pairings with fruitier vapors.

Another consideration, especially when vaping THC oils, is texture. In addition to the psychedelic effects, THC can also heighten the appreciation of texture. This can increase the enjoyment of crunchy food with uneven surfaces, such as potato chips.

Cheese & Cannadbis

For those looking for a new spin on wine and cheese, there’s some good news. Cannabis can pair well with cheese. For this, consider hitting a dab pen. The best dab pens provide high-quality vapor with strong terpene profiles when hitting shatter and waxes.

Cannabis with herbal taste can pair well with cheeses like brie. Soft cheeses can also benefit from pairing with aromatic, floral cannabis.

Also, consider the course and style of the food. While the sweeter, more floral tasting vapors are good for accentuating desserts, they aren’t always best for the main course. Instead, hearty foods like stews benefit from spicier, more “woodsy” vapors. And poultry dishes like chicken and turkey benefit most from highlighting specific flavors. For instance, citrusy cannabis oil is a good compliment to lemon chicken.

While these tips can help you get off to a good start, the real key to pairing cannabis with food is experimenting. Try your own combinations and pay attention to how the profiles and textures play together.

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