Getting The Best Pen For Wax: Buyers Guide

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / August 22, 2019

Getting The Best Pen For Wax: Buyers Guide

Wax Vape Pens

Wax concentrates are different from the cannabis concentrates found in your typical oil vape pen. Wax is a soft, thick substance that results from oils crystallizing after extraction.

The name comes from its candle wax-like consistency. However, the consistency varies depending on heat and moisture. It can be sold as a solid, crumbled, honeycomb, or viscous fluid (budder).

Wax is more potent than cannabis oils and is usually consumed with single hits from wax pens. So to start, we’re taking a look at the best pens for wax:

Types Of Wax Pens

Vaping wax is usually done with dabs. This is where hard concentrates like wax and shatter are superheated for potent hits. There have been several vaporizers for dabbing over the years. Early dab rigs were rag-tagged, using stove-tops or superheating nails.

Over the years the technology has evolved, resulting in safer, more portable, and more efficient methods. Wax rigs, e-nails, and wands all improved on the past design. Today, the best method of vaping wax is a dab pen.

Dab pens provide full control of heat, provide better flavor, and a better vape experience. Our GT Torrch is the best performing portable handheld vape pen available.

The best pens for wax offer the latest technology and designs. For instance, in the past, wax vape pens relied on high temperatures to vaporize the thicker concentrates. Now, products like the GT Torrch use slow-burn technology for a more complete flavor profile.

wax pen

What To Look For In A Wax Pen


Flavor is essential to any vape pen retailer offering quality products. The best dab flavor comes not only from high-quality concentrates but also from technologically advanced wax pens.

The best dab pens use innovative ceramic core technology for heating the wax. This provides a contact-free heating coil, so there is no burnt taste in the vapor. Combined with the slow-burn technology, this results in ultra-smooth vapor and taste.


For wax pens, performance is measured in:

  • Consistency
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency

These factors offer greater control for a better, more predictable dabbing experience. High-quality wax pen materials and design offer greater performance. This helps keep customers coming back.

Ease of Maintenance

To ensure longterm performance, wax pen maintenance is a necessity. Of course, no one wants to spend all day cleaning their vaporizers. It should be a convenience, not a burden. So to improve customer satisfaction, you should make maintenance as easy as possible.

Portable Dab Rig

Wax pens that come apart offer easy cleaning. Combining this with Snap Sticks makes maintenance a breeze. Snap Sticks are q-tip-like cleaning swabs for ceramic and quartz vapes. Just “snap” the stick to activate, and wipe the device clean.


Slow-burn technology, with a slower (6 second) lower-temperature burn, is the best way to experience dabs. But it still needs to be capable of hitting certain temperatures. The boiling points for different cannabis oils are:

  • THC 315℉
  • CBD 356℉
  • THCV 428℉


Old dab rigs offered little convenience. They took plenty of preparation and offered no portability. Old-school techniques, like hot-knifing, chained you to the kitchen stove.

Today, you can get hand-held, cordless dab pens that allow users to dab anywhere at their convenience. The best dab pens offer portability and ease of use.

Wax Pen Components

Here are a few of the key components you need in a premium vape pen for wax:

  • Power source: Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries offer the greatest bang for your buck. They offer greater mAH, with fast charging and reliable output. Using 510 threaded batteries ensures a better connection for vape pens.
  • Core/Coil: The core or coil is an essential component for transforming the wax into vapor. Ceramic is the best option to deliver a consistent, pure, and full flavor profile.
  • Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is where you inhale the vapor. Since your mouth goes here, it should be a material and surface that is easy to clean.
  • Heating Plate: The volume of wax is an important consideration for the heat plate. Plain and simple, the larger the chamber, the more volume the wax pen can handle.
  • Anti-Leak/Splashback: Leaks and splashback are common problems with some cannabis vape hardware. This can affect the quality of the vape experience as well as damaging the equipment or product. GreenTank has its own anti-leak and splashback technology to protect their equipment and experience.

Get The Best Prices On Wax Pens With Wholesale Purchases

To build a strong customer relationship, you need to deliver the best experience with your dab pens. Buying in bulk allows you to get the best prices on premium wax pens without sacrificing quality.

Contact us today for wholesale dab pen quotes or questions.

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