RDA vs RTA: Which Is Best For Vaping?

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / August 15, 2019

RDA vs RTA: Which Is Best For Vaping?


When looking at vape hardware there is a lot of talk about RDA and RTA. These refer to the type of atomizer – the device that transforms the cannabis oil or flower into vapor. Today we examine each to answer the question, which is better for vaping: RDA or RTA?

What is RDA

RDA stands for Rebuildable Drip Atomizer. Of these two atomizer types, RDA is more popular among hobbyists.

It’s a drip-and-go system. You drip cannabis extracts directly into the tank and vape all of it in a few puffs. To continue, you drip some more on.


  • Allows a lot of flexibility (can change extracts every few puffs)
  • Create large, full vapor clouds


  • Requires constant attention
  • Need to carry around multiple liquids
  • Poor portability

What is RTA

RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. They take a little more know-how to assemble than drop atomizers, although some claim it has a better flavor.

The main difference is that an RTA requires doesn’t require constant refilling for use. Instead, you fill the tank and don’t refill until it runs empty. In this way, it is a little more similar to prebuilt vape pods and pens.


  • Flavor production
  • Tank avoids constant refilling


  • Less flexibility
  • More difficult build

Which is Best?

You won’t necessarily get a better experience out of one or the other. The actual quality and reliability of the two are fairly similar, depending on the skill of the person assembling.

The biggest difference is how you want to use your vape hardware. The tank in the RTA makes it a little more convenient. Whereas the drip system makes and RDA more flexible for switching between vape concentrates.

Ultimately, however, both RTA and RDA vapes are really only intended for hobbyists. It takes a lot of expertise to get them to work well. For most people, prebuilt vape pens are a more convenient option. As well, they are safer to use and provide a more reliable experience.

Benefits of a Prebuilt Vape Pen

Prebuilt, prefilled vape pens are the most popular option for vaping cannabis. They do not require the know-how of building your own vape mod and are not as finicky. Instead, they simply allow users to enjoy the product with a pure, smooth flavor.

Here are a few key benefits of buying a cannabis vape pen over building vape mods:


When you purchase a high-quality vape pen, you know what you’re getting. In some pens, the dosages are clearly labeled for a more manageable high. As well, you have properly constructed, quality-assured, vape hardware that provides a consistent, reliable experience.

Whether you are vaping cannabis for medical or recreational use, consistent dosing makes for a safer, smarter experience.

This consistency is also beneficial for cannabis retailers as it gives the users a better vaping experience, allowing them to properly enjoy their product.


A prefilled cannabis vape pen is the most convenient option for vapers. It’s ready to go, right off the shelf. There is no need to build, fill, or fiddle with the pen. Disposable vape pens offer the most convenience.

Disposable vape pens aren’t just for beginners. Their user-friendliness and portability make them the fastest growing trend in the cannabis industry.

Where you may sacrifice some degree of customizability, vape pens allow you to control the draw length and/or temperature. This is enough control to give most vapers the experience they are hoping for.


A custom-built mod always comes with its own share of risk. There is a larger margin of error in a homemade device which is assembled piecemeal.

A manufactured vape pen has all the parts specifically designed to function together and use safe, tested configurations and vape batteries.


Putting together a vape on your own can get expensive if you want high-quality materials. And your design options are limited to what you can find on forums or through friends. Buying a cannabis vape pen helps keep your costs low while getting maximum quality.

Companies have already spent on research and development, and have the buying power to get the best parts at lower prices. As a result, you have access to higher quality design and materials at a fraction of what it would cost you to design and build.

Purchase Cannabis Vape Pens Wholesale

Homemade vape mods using RTA and RDA parts are relics remaining from the widespread criminalization of cannabis. Today, users are turning to preassembled hardware, like cannabis vape pens for their superior quality and convenience.

To get the best prices and top quality supplies, retailers can purchase wholesale cannabis vape pens and pods.

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