A Message From Greentank Regarding Vape Safety Concerns


Posted by Derek Champoux
5 months ago | September 11, 2019

A message from Greentank

Since 2016, Greentank has designed, developed and manufactured high-performance cannabis vaporization hardware with an emphasis on safety and reliability for our customers.

Even though Greentank is a non-plant-touching company, we still wanted to reassure our customers that none of our vaporizer products have been involved in the recent CDC warning, events or investigations.

We only supply hardware to licensed producers, cultivators, and brands whose formulations have undergone and passed all required testing.

We encourage all users of cannabis vaporization hardware to purchase compliant, tested products through legal sales channels only.

Thank you for your continued support.

Feel free to contact the Greentank Team with any questions regarding safe vape practices and what to look for when selecting a product to add to your vape line.

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