Will Vapes Be Available By Christmas & Which Products Are Coming This December?

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / December 17, 2019

Will Vapes Be Available By Christmas & Which Products Are Coming This December?

Vape Pens Christmas

The stocking are hung by the chimneys with care, but is it too soon for vapes to be there?

This December, new cannabis products are coming to town. The legislation on Phase 2 of legalization (aka Cannabis 2.0) passed in October, allowing for the sale of vape pens and other products. 

We take a look at the cannabis products that will be making a merry appearance by Christmas.  At least for most Canadians, residents of Quebec or Newfoundland and Labrador have a little longer to wait.

Cannabis 2.0

Canada’s second phase of cannabis legalization introduces new products that weren’t available in the first year. This expanding product line can increase revenue and allow the government to better compete with the black market. This will help keep money out of organized crime as well as keeping cannabis products regulated and safe.

Which Cannabis Products are Coming for Christmas?


Gift #1: Vape Pens & Cartridges

Cannabis vaping is no longer limited to dry herb vapes. The newly legal vape pens and cartridges allow for the sale of cannabis oil vape pens. Oil vapes can offer much greater potency and more exact measurements of THC and CBD.

With disposable vapes and prefilled cartridges, vapers don’t need to carry around different oils and accessories. This makes oil vapes extremely convenient, portable, and user-friendly. Strict regulations mean consumers don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or agents in the pens sold in Canada.

The extracts sector is expected to reach as much as 50% of cannabis sales in Canada, and vape pens will lead the charge. GMP Securities estimates that vape pens will account for 20% of the market, growing to 30% by 2021.

Gift #2: Edibles

Christmas is a time for sweets, and the edibles market will be happy to oblige. Chocolates, brownies, gummies, and mints will be among the first legal edible cannabis products this holiday season.

When using edibles it is highly recommended to start with a low dose and increase slowly. The effects can take as long as 90 minutes set in, and it’s best not to take more until you can assess their effect on you.

Since they are selling sweets, Health Canada has significant concerns over how to prevent them from appealing to children. They will regulate the packaging, flavors, and shapes of the products. 

Cannabis Beverages

Santa’s brewing up something new for Canadians this year. The launch of legal cannabis beverages is sure to raise holiday spirits. Companies are claiming their products can overcome the main hurdles cannabis beverages traditionally face – poor taste and long times to onset.

Canopy claims to have overcome the 1-2 hour wait for cannabis effects to kick in, one of cannabis drinks’ greatest hurdles. Rapid onset cannabis drinks could see a big impact on sales. 

As well, among the first products released, will be a non-intoxicating CBD-infused spring water developed by Truss. This beverage, Flow Glow, is expected to hit the shelves this December. 

Most other brands are hoping to release a limited range of low calorie sparkling or flat cannabis drinks between mid-December and early-January. More products will rollout of the course of 2020. Organigram, for instance, will release an odorless, flavorless powder that can be dissolved in beverages by summer 2020.

Like solid edibles, the release of cannabis beverages in Quebec will see stricter regulations. Liquid cannabis edibles will be limited to 5mg of THC per package (half the federal limit).


With all the headaches and physical stress of the Christmas season, cannabis topicals could be a welcome sight in your stocking. The most popular use of cannabis creams and topicals are for pain relief, as well as treating muscle soreness and inflammation. 


Unlike vape pens and the other stocking stuffers on this list, cannabis creams aren’t intended to get you high. However, they do offer a growing number of relieving benefits.  Studies suggest that topicals could benefit headache sufferers, and there are many claims that it may relieve cramping and some skin issues. CBD-infused topicals are also becoming increasingly popular as beauty products.

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