When Will Vape Pens Be Sold In Canada? | Phase 2 Legalization

Posted by Derek Champoux
4 years ago / December 12, 2019

When Will Vape Pens Be Sold In Canada? | Phase 2 Legalization

Phase 2 Vape Pens

The wait is finally over, Phase 2 is finally here! The next stage in cannabis legalization is underway offering new products and improved services.

Phase 2 legalization was passed on October 17th, exactly one year after Phase 1. The star of this next phase is a series of new products, like cannabis vape pens. The long wait was intended to give the government time to perfect the regulations and distribution of cannabis. So in addition to new products, consumers can expect to see better service and availability.

As well, the addition of vape pens and other popular cannabis products are intended to help displace the black market. This will help disrupt organized crime by displacing their core revenue stream. It also means better, safe products for Canadians.

What’s Included in the Cannabis 2.0 Rollouts?

Extracts (ethanol, CO2, PHO, BHO), concentrates (shatter, wax, live resin), consumables (edibles, drinkables), and topicals (creams, lotions, salves) will all be available for purchase across Canada in the very soon.

Cannabis vape pens, pods, and cartridges, delivery systems that consumers have been anticipating for some time, will also be available for purchase in every province except Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador. 

When Will Cannabis Vape Pens be Available in Canada?

The second phase of legalization has already passed, but new cannabis products are not yet available. The earliest they will be sold in stores is mid-December 2019. Although many products won’t be sold until early January 2020. 

The delay is because Licensed Producers are now required to give Health Canada 60 days notice for any new Cannabis 2.0 SKUs, including vape pens, before they can be sold in stores or online. Health Canada will use these 60 days to ensure that each submitted SKU is fully compliant with all mandated regulations and has passed all required tests.

Despite slowing the highly anticipated rollout of these Cannabis 2.0 products, experts believe that this two-month overview period will help to increase safety. As well as boosting consumer confidence within the industry. 

Only after Health Canada gives its go-ahead will each vape pen and Cannabis 2.0 product be available at licensed retailers.   

The first products, scheduled to arrive between mid-December and early January, will be somewhat limited. But a more complete range is expected to be made available for purchase by mid- 2020.

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