GACC Launches Vape & Cannabis Safety Program

Posted by Derek Champoux
4 years ago / January 20, 2020

GACC Launches Vape & Cannabis Safety Program

Voluntary Safety Certification for Safe & Pure Cannabis Products

Safety is the crux of success in the cannabis industry, but current examples show that the industry can’t rely on governmental regulations alone.

The U.S. is still years away from legalization at the federal level, and cannabis regulations and testing protocols vary from state to state. With the introduction of this testing and purity standards program, the GACC is establishing a set of uniform regulations that American cannabis companies and vape manufacturers can adhere to in the meantime.

These regulations will also establish non-exceedable substance limits for cannabis products and develop consensus testing methodologies to detect the presence of these substances.

About the GACC

Established in April 2019, the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC) is a trade organization for the global cannabis industry. The organization acts as an advocate for legal, regulated cannabis, lobbying government policymakers and legislators to achieve the following three goals:

  1. The global legalization and regulation of cannabis commerce.
  2. Widespread patient and adult-user access via a vibrant and competitive industry.
  3. The normalization of medical and adult-use cannabis.

Public trust in the cannabis industry must first be established before any of these goals can be achieved. The only way this will occur in the wake of the vape-related illnesses that emerged from unregulated, black-market purchases in 2019 is to ensure that the products sold through legal avenues are fully regulated, thoroughly tested, and safe for public consumption.

Voluntary Safety Certification

The GACC certification will act as an unofficial, interim national standard, establishing consistent regulations and testing procedures for the cannabis industry. While not federally enforced, companies that opt for this voluntary certification will receive GACC blue leaf stamps on their products, informing consumers that they have been thoroughly tested and can be safely consumed.

GACC Certified

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GACC President Rezwan Khan states that the program will, “establish a means by which consumers can have confidence in the products they buy and provide the industry with tools to give this assurance.”

The certification program will launch nationwide this year, giving all state-licensed cannabis operations the option to voluntarily submit their products for approval.

The Framework of the GACC Certification

Legalization on federal levels across the globe is in its infancy. In America, it could still be years away. But the GACC certification will provide a framework and the regulations and procedures they establish will serve as a basis for future federal regulations. They could even be implemented outright.

The GACC released this model for U.S. federal legalization in June 2019, demonstrating how legalization could work on a national level. The model treats cannabis products like any other agricultural, medical, and consumer goods.

In a nutshell, the plan explores how governments can implement cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and the implementation of legal cannabis in ways that benefit the consumer and the cannabis industry alike. Its main tenets include:

  • ending cannabis prohibition,
  • legalizing interstate cannabis trade,
  • updating existing laws & regulations,
  • retraining law enforcement, and
  • ensuring access for patients

Creating Safe Cannabis Products Consumers Trust

Greentank is dedicated to creating premium-quality vape hardware that consumers can trust and will be submitting its product line for GACC certification when the program launches later this year. Companies can learn about how to participate in the GACC Certification here. Contact us today for wholesale vape pen quotes.

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