How Long Does A Dab Pen Last?

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / November 14, 2019

How Long Does A Dab Pen Last?

Cannabis Dab Pen

Dabbing has come a long way. The modern dab pen is a sophisticated and precise instrument that offers a level of discretion and portability that traditional dab rigs can’t match. Still, not all dab pens are created equal, and their longevity depends on the quality of the vape pen manufacturer.

Today, we look at the factors that influence how long a dab pen lasts and what you can expect from yours.


Batteries are one of the most important factors in how long a dab pen lasts. The best dab pens need to have enough juice to provide consistent deliveries that outlast the concentrates.

When it comes to long-lasting charges, the best dab pen batteries on the market are lithium-ion based. They have a greater potential output and retain energy well, so you get more use between charges. They also charge rapidly, usually between 2-4 hours. 

The GT Torrch is one of the elite dab vaporizers on the market. Its 1500mAh battery is not only capable of lasting 2 weeks of daily usage without requiring a single charge, but also boasts a one-year warranty. 

510 Threaded Batteries


The best dab rigs today have adopted a new approach to temperature with low-heat technology. Old dab tools used high temperatures to instantly vaporize the concentrate. This rapid vaporization wasted concentrates and sacrificed vapor quality.  But with more sophisticated vaporizers for dabs, there are better temperature options.

Low-heat technology makes for longer lasting concentrates. In fact, GT Torrch customers often cite that they are pleasantly surprised by how much longer their product lasts than the hardware they were using previously. 

Our dab pens operate at a lower temperature than traditional rigs, so it doesn’t use up as much product per hit as high-heat vaporization. Low-temperature dabbing also produces the best vapor flavor. The terpenes in cannabis concentrates release at lower temperatures, so vapors produced from lower-temperature devices have richer, fuller flavors with zero burnt taste. 


Dab Pen Manufacturer

The vape pen manufacturer also has a direct impact on a device’s longevity because of the varying materials that comprise each design.

Our dab pen battery tubes, for instance, use high-grade SUS304 stainless steel—the same corrosion-resistant, durable, and lightweight material that SpaceX uses for its rockets. Be wary of inferior metals. Many metals are not well-suited to the high temperatures required for dabbing concentrates (even low-temp dabs occur at 350℉-450℉).

We also use a ceramic core rather than wicks or quartz coils. Ceramic provides better heat retention, temperature control, and flavor.

At Greentank, we are always innovating so we can continue to offer world-class devices and designs. We choose only premium quality materials to optimize the end-user experience and ensure the longevity of our devices. 

Dab Pen Maintenance

How long a dab pen lasts hinges largely on its construction and design, but the user plays a part as well. Proper dab pen maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your device and often requires little more than taking the device apart and cleaning each component individually. 

Most dab pens are designed to be taken apart and the GT Torrch is no exception, separating into the individual mouthpiece, tube, and heating element components for easy cleaning. These parts reattach as simply as they are taken apart, with no technical knowledge required.   

Dab Pen Construction

For more maintenance tips explore our guide: The Vape Pen Maintenance Guide

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