Getting The Best Vapor Flavor For Indica & Sativa

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5 years ago / July 25, 2019

Getting The Best Vapor Flavor For Indica & Sativa

Types of Vape Pens

Getting the best vapor flavor comes down to two elements, the vaporizer and the product. At Greentank, we firmly believe that we have the best cannabis oil vape pens on the market. And with a wide selection of vaporizer hardware, it’s easy to choose the right vape pen for you. 

But when it comes to picking the right cannabis oil, there is more room for debate. We take a look at:

  • The difference between strains
  • Whether you need different vape for different types of marijuana
  • How to get the best vape flavor

Vaping Different Strains of Cannabis

Marijuana is usually sold as coming from one of two subspecies:

  1. Indica
  2. Sativa

The two subspecies are different in their appearance and origin, although there is some debate over whether there is a difference between Indica and Sativa. The two strains have long been sold as having entirely different effects, but more modern studies show the effects have more to do with chemical ratios than strains.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive element of cannabis. It’s closely associated with Sativa oil, so people seeking uplifting psychedelic effects and stimulation use Sativa vaporizers.

Indica oil, however, is typically associated with CBD (Cannabidiol). CBD is known for having a more sedative effect, believed to aid in pain and stress relief.

A basic rundown of the perceived differences looks like this:

Compare Indica Sativa

Granted, these differences actually come from the levels of THC and CBD the plants are grown for. It’s possible to breed for higher CBD concentrations in Sativa oil, or high THC concentrations in Indica oil. But most of the time, they stick to conventions. Besides, there are so many hybrid strains that the point is often moot. 

Sativa & Indica Oil Flavor

Where a clear difference does come is in flavor. The vapor from Sativa oil has an earthy flavor profile. Whereas, Indica vapor has a fruiter flavor palette.

Most cannabis oil and flower today comes from hybrids. There is a vast array of flavors and effects, and their names are creative enough to be THC-inspired.

Do You Need Different Vape Pens for Indica & Sativa Oil?

You really don’t need separate Sativa and Indica vape pens. In terms of getting the best vapor flavor, a good cannabis oil vape pen can do just as well with either strain. Instead, you may want to look at other factors like intensity.

If you want a more intense flavor, a sub-ohm vape pen creates a bigger, thicker vapor cloud. This cloud is warm and full-flavored, although it does use up more product per pull.

Many people, and most beginners, prefer a less intense cloud. They may find the flavor too intense and prefer the smoother taste of a lower vaping temperature.

In addition to the taste, another consideration here is the intensity of the effects. For instance, someone seeking the pain-relieving properties of CBD may prefer more intense hits from their Indica vaporizer. This could provide them with relief sooner. 

For the most intense effects, whether for CBD or THC oil properties, a dab pen can offer the top results. Products like the GT Torrch electric dab rig use the best dab pen battery for consistent, high-intensity hits.

Getting the Best Vapor Flavor From an Oil Vape Pen

Getting the best vapor flavor from your cannabis oil vape pen relies on the same six factors for both Sativa and Indica oils. These are:

  • Oil
  • Coil
  • Temperature
  • Battery
  • Materials
  • Design


The cannabis oil itself has a lot to do with the flavor and experience. If you aren’t sure what you like, consider trying out different varieties. In stores, terpeners can help recommend tastes that suit your palette.


The type of coil in your vape pen has a direct impact on the taste. Ceramic coils are superior to wick and quartz alternative. The ceramic uses indirect heating so there is no burnt flavor.


Temperature directly affects the intensity of the vapor flavor. As such, it’s important to find an oil vape pen with reliable temperature controls.


Finding the best vape pen battery is important for a consistent flavor. The battery needs to be able to deliver enough power to create the desired taste, but it also needs to be able to last long enough to use up all of the product. Lithium-Ion batteries are ideal because they can deliver on both power and longevity.

Vape pens typically use 510 threaded batteries, as they work best with other components and create a tight seal.


It’s also important to choose a vape pen built with the right materials. Durability and corrosion resistance protects the internal workings and helps prevent contaminants. This further helps ensure reliability and pure flavor.


A final necessity is high-quality vape pen design. It needs to be functional, convenient, and comfortable to use. To tailor use to personal preferences, top vape pen designs allow users to control the temperature and the length of each draw.

Shop Full-Flavor Cannabis Oil Vape Pens

At Greentank, we create high-quality oil vape pens with world-class design. Our vape hardware is designed to provide full flavor and a consistent, customizable experience. Contact us today for wholesale quotes and information.

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