Vape Products Dominate Early OCS Cannabis 2.0 Sales

Posted by Derek Champoux
4 years ago / April 18, 2020

Vape Products Dominate Early OCS Cannabis 2.0 Sales

Vape HArdware Sales

At the outset of Cannabis 2.0, the expectation was that vapes and edibles would split the majority of Canada’s new cannabis product sales. But according to the Ontario Cannabis Store’s (OCS) January sales report, cannabis vape hardware is already commanding a lion’s share of 2.0 sales. 

The OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) recently reported that cannabis vape products accounted for $3.7 million of the $4.3 million cannabis 2.0 product sales it did in January. In contrast, edibles accounted for only $500,000 in sales, a far cry from the expected 50/50 split. Performing over 700% better than edibles, vape hardware and products are currently the best opportunity in the cannabis industry. Any brands and licensed producers that were previously on the fence about entering the cannabis vape space have quickly changed their tunes and are now clamoring to get on board. 

At this early stage, it’s impossible to know exactly which factors are contributing to the immense popularity of cannabis vape products in Ontario, but we’ve laid out three of the most likely explanations below: 


1. Safer Delivery Method

Vaping cannabis is a safer delivery method than smoking cannabis because there is no combustion. The vapor produced, therefore, contains no dangerous carcinogens and is much easier on the lungs than smoke. Users who purchase hardware with variable heat settings also have the added luxury of selecting lower temperature ranges to produce gentler and more flavorful draws than smoked cannabis could ever produce.

Cannabis vape products are also much easier to properly dose than edibles, considerably lessening your chances of overconsumption. They also have much quicker onset periods and shorter effect durations than edibles, so not only will you get immediate feedback on whether you should consume more after a single draw, you’ll also sober up WAY QUICKER than you would on edibles in the event you do go beyond your comfortable dose.      

Plus, consumers can be confident knowing that any cannabis vape products purchased at legal retailers have passed rigorous rounds of safety testing and are compliant with the regulations established by Health Canada.

These factors are likely appealing to long-time cannabis users and newbies alike, who are looking for a similar, healthier, and safer alternative to these more traditional delivery methods.    


2. Novelty

Another reason why cannabis vape products are flying off the shelves right now is that they’re the new hot item. In the past, if you wanted to vape cannabis your options were a dried-flower vaporizer or an unregulated cannabis extract vaporizer, usually designed using antiquated e-cigarette technology, that housed untested formulations. These latter devices seldom worked effectively and when they did, you still had no idea what you were inhaling. 

But with the rollout of Cannabis 2.0, consumers now have access to hundreds of safe, tested vapable extracts and reliable, regulated vape hardware designed specifically for extracts. These consumers are now exploring the space to determine which formulations they prefer and whether they’re partial to the convenience and discretion of disposables or the interchangeability and endless feature options that come with cartridge/pod and battery combinations.  

Of course, edibles are also a new 2.0 product with a novel feel to them, but that novelty factor is not as substantial as it is for cannabis vape products because cannabis users have been making their own edibles for decades. 

Discrete Vape Pen

3. Discretion & Convenience

Cannabis vape products are the most convenient option for inhaling cannabis, especially when it comes to portability and use on the go. They’re small enough to be carried in pockets, bags, and purses, and are simple to operate. When smoking cannabis, you either have to go through the time-consuming process of rolling a joint or you have to lug around a pipe or a bong. 

They’re also by far the more discreet of the two delivery methods. Cannabis vape hardware is designed to look discreet and emit nearly odorless vapor clouds that quickly dissipate into the atmosphere without a trace. There is nothing discreet about smoking cannabis. Joints can take upwards of 20 minutes to burn through and produce pungent clouds of smoke that cling to your clothes. Pipes and bongs take less time to use, but they’re extremely difficult to hide when using them and reek of stale cannabis smoke when you’re finished, which can be problematic if you’re out in public. 

With a vape pen, it’s as simple as breathing in. No need for extra equipment or even a lighter. No lingering smells. No fuss. 

Vape Pens for Cannabis Retailers & Producers

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