A Guide to Cannabis 2.0 Hardware and Accessories

Posted by Derek Champoux
4 years ago / February 15, 2020

A Guide to Cannabis 2.0 Hardware and Accessories


Cannabis 2.0 is rolling out, with the first wave of new cannabis products already on the shelves. Cannabis vape pens, edibles, beverages, and topicals are now legal to sell in most provinces in Canada.

These emerging cannabis categories are being accompanied by a subsector of new cannabis hardware and accessories. In this piece, we take a look at some of these devices.

Dab Rigs

Supercharged hits of potent cannabis extracts allow users to experience their effects—i.e. pain relief, relaxation, and mood-boosts—quicker. For recreational and medical users alike, dabbing is one of the most popular ways to consume extracts. They are also now legal to produce, sell, and purchase in Canada. Where dabs and other hard concentrates are now being sold, dab rigs can now also be found. These small glass devices, which dab enthusiasts have been using for years, function similarly to bongs but are intended solely for hard concentrates.

Dab PenBut traditional dab rigs are no longer the de facto way of consuming dabs and other hard concentrates. Advances in vaporizer technology have produced vaporizers engineered specifically for dabbing that are safer to use and provide smoother, fuller flavors than their predecessors.

These dab pens are small, discreet and easy to use, making them the perfect devices for beginners and dab connoisseurs, alike.

Greentank’s GT Torrch is the most advanced dab pen on the market. With a powerful battery and ergonomic shape, it is the most portable, convenient, and discreet way of dabbing. Plus, the GT Torrch combines True-Taste Ceramic Core and Slow Burn technology for the purest taste and fullest flavor possible.

Storage Containers

Major cannabis suppliers are now offering airtight storage containers for cannabis and cannabis products. In addition to keeping your cannabis extracts and flower fresh, proper storage is also an important aspect of vape pen maintenance.

Vape pens don’t need to be stored in airtight containers, but the practice does have its benefits. Not only do they keep moisture from seeping into and damaging your equipment over time, but they also help to prevent cannabis odors from spreading throughout your home.

Unfortunately, containers are only as effective as the environments you place them in. Placing these containers in extremely hot or cold rooms in your home can have as much as a negative effect on your cannabis and vape devices as leaving them out in the open would. You should ideally be storing these containers in cool, dry areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Rehydrating Stones

Rehydrating stones are used to refresh stale cannabis. They work well on their own, but even better in tandem with storage containers, like some sort of cannabis version of Batman and Robin. Using them could not be easier: you soak the stone for anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, then place it next to the dried cannabis (preferably in an air-tight container). After about 10 minutes the cannabis is rehydrated and ready to be enjoyed again.

The stones are infinitely reusable, requiring only a wash between uses, but are only intended for dried cannabis flower or tobacco. They should never be used with hard concentrates!


The battery is the beating heart of a vaporizer, responsible for transforming cannabis oil into smooth, full-flavored vapor. You need your vape pen battery to outlast your cartridge. If it goes dead or the power decreases, a battery can ruin your vaping experience.

Replacement batteries can be purchased at cannabis retailers, but experienced vapers know that they can avoid these situations altogether if they splurge on a premium, long-lasting battery upfront.


Greentank produces the highest-quality lithium-ion 510 threaded batteries on the market. The batteries are reliable and long-lasting (a minimum of 300 charging cycles) without sacrificing an iota of power or quality. Their All-In-One (disposable) vape pens are designed to have enough battery power to outlast the extracts in their reservoirs, and their dab pens and vape pods have powerful batteries that recharge quickly and can hold charges for several sessions.

Getting the Best Vape Pens & Hardware

Vape pens and hardware are still new products in Canada’s legal market, and every producer is fighting to take the top spot. Give yourself an edge with premium quality vape pens and innovative designs that will earn loyal customers and secure your position in this new space.

Get the best vape pen and hardware at the best prices with bulk purchases. Contact us for wholesale quotes and product information.

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