Why Cannabis Vaping Will Thrive This Summer

Posted by Dave Kaplan
4 years ago / July 9, 2020

Why Cannabis Vaping Will Thrive This Summer

Summer Vaping Increase

Let’s face it: In its short period of existence, the cannabis vape space has experienced more than its fair share of obstacles. Yet, in each instance, it has come out the other end stronger and better prepared for future success.

The industry’s heavy metal contamination scare of early 2019 actually played a pivotal role in the establishment of strict contaminant testing requirements at the state level. The EVALI crisis that followed in the fall, although almost entirely the result of unregulated, black market products, nonetheless paved the way for the legal cannabis vape industry to make massive strides toward safer materials, more oversight, and total transparency. And although COVID-19 has resulted in diminished sales in certain regions in addition to delayed lead and delivery times, it has also forced hardware manufacturers to reappraise their supply chains and operations to become even more efficient and expedient going forward.

With economies and cities across North America now starting to reopen and summer officially underway, there is suddenly genuine optimism in the cannabis vape space that this will be the best quarter yet for our corner of the industry. Here’s why:

Major Cannabis Markets Are Coming Back Online

increased vape sales

COVID-19 has affected rec-legal states in different ways. In California, Illinois and Michigan, where cannabis was categorized as an essential business, sales have actually increased from pre-pandemic levels. In Massachusetts, on the other hand, where recreational cannabis was not deemed essential, sales ceased the moment Gov. Charlie Baker issued stay-home orders in late March. Other states, such as Nevada and Colorado, have permitted cannabis stores to operate by delivery or curbside pickup only. These restrictions, combined with severe drop offs in tourism, have resulted in sales in the region declining by as much as 35%.

All of a sudden, however, things are looking up. Massachusetts’s dispensaries reopened for curbside pickup in late May and are expected to fully reopen in the coming months. Nevada’s dispensaries also reopened for in-store shopping (at 50% capacity) in May alongside its casinos, and experts believe that tourism in the region will substantially boost cannabis sales—specifically those of disposable vape pens, one of the most popular cannabis product types among canna-tourists. This canna-tourism-fueled optimism is also present in Colorado, where businesses are slowly beginning to reopen throughout the state.

Summer 2020 Will Have the Most Rec-Legal Markets Yet

legal cannabis vape market US and Canada

Including Canada, recreational cannabis vape products will be sold this summer in a total of 21 states, provinces, and territories. That’s more than double the number of rec-legal markets that sold cannabis vapes last summer. Now factor in surging medical cannabis markets in both Florida and Oklahoma and you can easily see why the cannabis vape space is set to have its best summer on record.

There’s another factor to consider as well: cannabis vape products are ideal for on-the-go, outdoor activities. That’s one of the main reasons why they account for 25% of California’s total cannabis market share and 17% of Colorado’s. In colder-climate markets, such as Canada, Illinois, Michigan and Massachusetts, the combination of winter and COVID-19 have substantially hindered most outdoor activities since these products were officially launched. Consumers in these markets haven’t yet had an opportunity to fully enjoy the convenience, discretion, simplicity and mobility that cannabis vape products offer, and they will finally get that opportunity this summer. When they do, cannabis vape sales in those regions are sure to soar!

The Inhalable Method of Choice Post-COVID

cannabis vape COVID

In addition to altering the way we work, shop, and interact, COVID-19 has also changed the way we consume cannabis. Passing joints around or sharing pipes and bongs with friends is simply no longer an option. The risk of contracting the virus is too great. Until a vaccine is created and widely dispersed, the most effective way to safely inhale cannabis in public is through personal cannabis vape devices.

With nearly no detectable odor emitted, cannabis vapes are far more discreet than personal joints and their precise delivery systems eliminate wasted vapor, making them one of the best value plays of any cannabis product on the market.

But at the end of the day, cannabis vapes are bound to increase in popularity because they offer a little something for everyone. New cannabis users are drawn to breath-actuated devices because they’re easy to use and can be discarded easily when they’re empty. Health-conscious users love the precise dose control and lack of combustion that cannabis vapes afford. Vape connoisseurs enjoy the premium flavors and robust vapor produced by these devices, while medical cannabis users are partial to the high-potency extracts housed in these intuitive devices.

Get The Best Vape Hardware

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