How Greentank Is Leading The Way In Safety

Posted by Dave Kaplan
1 year ago / June 22, 2020

How Greentank Is Leading The Way In Safety

Greentank hardware safety


Greentank has always approached safety with full transparency. Something the rest of the industry has struggled with. But now, more than ever, full disclosure on safety standards and materials is essential. And we’re proud to turn the spotlight on how and why we manufacture safer vape hardware.

Consumers want to know every detail about their vape pens, from complete lists of materials and ingredients to all applicable safety certifications and testing results. You cannot afford to tie the success of your extract to a hardware partner that doesn’t make this full suite of product information readily available.

At Greentank, we prioritize product and end-user safety over everything. We don’t simply meet regulatory requirements—we exceed them as we continue to lead the industry forward toward safer vaping.

And we do it in five crucial ways:


Elite Material Sourcing

It all starts at the material level, where we employ world-renowned material scientists, procurement specialists, and a dedicated, on-the-ground team to source only the safest and highest quality materials for our hardware. These include SUS-303 stainless steel for our cartridges, food-grade ceramics for our heating cores, thermal-shock-resistant borosilicate glass for our reservoirs, and high-quality lithium-ion batteries to power our devices.

We’re able to oversee every aspect of our supply chain through the direct relationships we have with our suppliers, manufacturers, tooling providers, testing facilities, and certification agencies. This allows us to thoroughly vet our suppliers for everything from product and material quality to manufacturing conditions. It also expedites our hardware testing and certification processes, resulting in shorter lead times across the board for our partners.


quality control and product safety testing


Quality Control and Product Testing

Our pursuit of perfection doesn’t allow for compromises or shortcuts. We go to extreme lengths to ensure all Greentank products exceed safety and performance standards, so your customers can truly believe in what they breathe.

Once assembled, all Greentank hardware must pass multiple in-house quality control examinations and extensive heavy metal testing done at the Bureau of Cannabis Control certified testing facilities in California. The Golden State has the strictest heavy metal requirements in the industry, and every Greentank product tested there has been deemed heavy-metal compliant with state requirements.

We subject our cartridges to child-resistance testing and because of that we were one of the first hardware providers in the industry to obtain child-resistance certifications for the locking mechanisms in our GT CR 0.5g cartridges. These locking mechanisms ensure unintended users cannot easily access, touch, drink, or manipulate the extracts housed in our devices. Each was tested at the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation certified testing facility and passed with 100% effectiveness, making them fully compliant with Section 16 CFR § 1700.20 of the U.S. Poison Prevention Packaging Act.


product certifications and safety reports


Product Certifications and Safety Reports

Heavy metal and child-resistance certifications may be the most well known in the industry, but they are far from the only product certifications we obtain for our hardware. Our products bear CE, RoHS, REACH, FDA, IEC 62133, and UN 38.3 markings, to name a few.

We also provide Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) reports for all of our hardware and their individual components. These reports list, in detail, all applicable information about a product’s potential hazards (health, fire, reactivity, environmental), as well as instructions for how to safely handle and work with it. When we get MSDS report requests, we don’t merely send an overview; we send an extensive, detailed package, including reports for individual components, such as mouthpieces, tubes, batteries, gaskets, microchips, and high-temperature tapes.


factory certifications and safety protocols


Factory Certifications and Protocols

Our obsession with safety manifests every aspect of our operations. That’s why we also strive to have the safest manufacturing facilities and practices in the industry. All Greentank hardware is made in factories that are GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and QC 080000 certified. These accreditations confirm our adherence to a wide range of industry standards and manufacturing best practices, from employee competency and workplace safety to environmental and hazardous material management systems.

We’ve also instituted dozens of additional sanitization and sterilization procedures to ensure our hardware is constructed in immaculate environments. These aren’t run-of-the-mill processes. This includes airlock systems, pressure-controlled rooms, air-shower decontamination systems, ultraviolet sterilization lamps, daily dust-level checks, and around-the-clock cleaning mandates. We guarantee all Greentank hardware is made from only the highest quality materials — a guarantee you can pass on to your customers.


GT Compliance Package

We know it’s not easy to remember or reference all of Greentank’s product safety and facility certifications off-hand, so we created the industry’s only compliance package for your convenience. Readily available to all of our existing and prospective partners, this 32-page report thoroughly details and displays all of Greentank’s testing results, certificates, and safety reports. It also explains and provides context for every applicable test and compliance standard so you can learn more about our commitment to safety and how our products compare to the rest of the industry.


Why Greentank?

We’re the safest and most transparent vape hardware solutions partner in the world. From universal factory and product certifications to third-party heavy metal and child-resistance testing, we are setting safety benchmarks that the rest of the industry can’t reach. Contact us today for a digital copy of our compliance package or to learn more about product safety or wholesale pricing.

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