Greentank Technologies Receives Coveted Cannabis Research License

Posted by Derek Champoux
4 years ago / December 3, 2020

Greentank Technologies Receives Coveted Cannabis Research License
Greentank Technologies Makes History As First Vape Hardware Manufacturer Globally To Receive Coveted Cannabis Research License

Unique research mandate paves the way for greater safety, reliability and  performance in the vape manufacturing process

Toronto, CANADA – December 3, 2020 — Greentank Technologies Corp. (“Greentank” or the “Company”) announced today it has received Health Canada approval for a cannabis research license. This marks the first time a cannabis research license has been granted to any vape hardware manufacturer globally, and opens up the opportunity for Greentank to take an industry leadership role in the advancement of vape reliability, performance and safety. 


Under the research license, Greentank can handle up to 10,000 grams of dried cannabis flower or 2,500 grams of cannabis extract for research purposes at the company’s headquarters in Toronto, Canada. This allows the company to comprehensively test its partners’ extracts in house for viscosity, fluidity, constituents, emissions and the various ways those extracts interact with different materials and hardware technologies to determine the best fits for each brand’s formulations. 

The research license also allows Greentank to import cannabis from legal foreign suppliers and conduct focus-group studies with its brand partners. This data will provide consumer feedback around taste, performance and user experience, as well as critical data surrounding vape emissions and interactions with various materials. Greentank expects its newly expanded research mandate will drastically shorten design cycles and accelerate product development by allowing the company to validate new hardware technologies more efficiently than ever before. 

“In an industry that is on the cusp of some major regulatory changes, this research license is a huge milestone achievement for Greentank,” says Greentank CEO, Dustin Koffler. “As the only vape hardware manufacturer in the world able to legally conduct formulation testing and research, Greentank is uniquely positioned to lead the way in regulatory compliance adoption. As a trusted advisor to brands we can facilitate first mover advantage in the adoption of new standards surrounding vape safety, reliability and performance by using science and data to validate the entire process.”

The announcement coincides with Greentank’s construction of its third vape device lab, a state-of-the-art product engineering and development hub operated under the stewardship of Greentank Chief Engineer and former Dyson engineering manager Pete Duckett.


The Greentank device lab represents a new gold standard for the industry, complete with state of the art laboratories and equipment including filling rooms, altitude, thermal shock, and vibration chambers, 3D printers, digital surface and micro-thermal imagers, drop shape analyzers, CNC machining, and even an autoclave. 

“It’s become clear that one-size-fits-all approaches do not work for THC delivery. This research license provides us with a tremendous opportunity to transform our approach to customization and hardware development to create safer, higher-performing next-generation technologies that will power the future of Greentank and the vape industry, as a whole,” says Pete Duckett. 

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Greentank is Canada’s leading vape hardware solutions provider, supplying roughly 30% of the country’s vape market, and works with more than 200 brands across North America. Greentank is committed to providing licensed producers and extractors with industry-leading vaporization technology, engineered specifically for each brand’s extract formulations.

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