The Appeal of Cannabis Vape Products

Posted by Dave Kaplan
3 years ago / May 5, 2021

The Appeal of Cannabis Vape Products


It’s not difficult to understand why cannabis vape sales are currently booming throughout North America. The category is extremely appealing to cannabis brands, retailers, and customers alike, albeit for different reasons.

Why Cannabis Vapes Are Appealing To Brands

Cannabis vapes have never been more appealing to brands. Certainly, the category’s sales numbers are alluring, as is its perennial second-place industry market share ranking behind dried flower in both the US and Canada. But that’s not their only appeal to licensed producers and single/multi-state operators.

Cannabis vapes allow brands the opportunity to diversify their product offerings and reach more consumer demographics. It also enables brands to repurpose any aesthetically-imperfect dried flower into a hot commodity, increasing overall sales revenue while reducing wasted product. The very definition of a win-win!


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Brands are also drawn to the customizability of modern vape hardware. Whether it’s via a one-of-a-kind ODM design or through hundreds of possible surface finish, treatment and mouthpiece combinations, the devices themselves serve as the perfect canvases for brands to showcase their logos, colors and artwork.

Why Cannabis Vapes Are Appealing To Retailers

The immense popularity of the category alone should be all the justification retailers need to stock up their inventories with cannabis vape products, but that explanation only scratches the surface of why vapes are so appealing to retailers and dispensaries.

For starters, cannabis vape products stand out from other cannabis product types on retail shelves. The unique form factors, aesthetics and customizations of vape hardware are designed to catch the eyes of perusing customers and draw them in, and retailers can get in on the action by branding their own names, logos and colors on to white-label batteries and vape accessories.

Retailers also love that cannabis vape products inherently have several attractive selling points for consumers:

  • There’s no combustion involved in the delivery method, meaning no carcinogens
  • They’re thoroughly tested for heavy-metals, extract composition, and battery safety
  • They provide fuller ranges of flavors and more targeted effects than dried flower
  • They offer myriad features that enhance the user experience

But what retailers might find they appreciate most about the category is that cannabis vape products could actually lure more customers into their stores, as a result of the fallout from the recently passed PACT Act—and by that we mean the logistical issues posed by new restrictions on delivering cannabis vape products through the US mail and other private courier services. More customers in stores usually means more revenue for retailers, and vapes could prove to be the difference between a customer making a purchase online or in person.

Why Cannabis Vapes Are Appealing To Consumers

We could go on all day about why cannabis vape products have emerged as a favorite among consumers, but we’ll keep it brief for the sake of time!

Let’s start with user experiences, where vape products reign supreme relative to all other cannabis product types. Only cannabis vapes offer consumers enhanced flavor, push or breath-activation options, the ability to control vapor density, variable heat settings, and measurable dose controls.

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Those aren’t the only vape hardware features that appeal to consumers. Preheating functionalities ensure that users in cold climates never waste a drop of their extracts. Built-in safety mechanisms and over-consumption controls give users peace of mind that their devices are safe to use and carry. Rechargeable devices ensure products are always ready for those who spend their lives on-the-go, and universal 510-thread connectors allow users to swap different cartridges onto their favorite batteries.

Consumers are also drawn to the convenience and portability of vape products. Whether they’re push-button or breath activated, vapes are extremely easy to use and even easier to assemble and take apart. They require no preparation, aside from the occasional recharge, and can be enjoyed anywhere.

Plus, they’re ideal for those who prioritize discretion, as their lightweight and compact bodies can be concealed easily and hardly emit any odors! Not to mention the collector appeal that certain cannabis vapes have, especially those customized with unique artwork or issued from rare, limited-series runs.

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