Greentank Hires Top Dyson Product Engineer and Launches First Vape Device Lab in North America

Posted by Derek Champoux
4 years ago / February 12, 2020

Greentank Hires Top Dyson Product Engineer and Launches First Vape Device Lab in North America


Greentank Technologies Corp. has bolstered its product innovation team and on-site research and development capabilities with its recent hire of former Dyson Engineering Manager, Pete Duckett, and the launch of its in-house vape device laboratory—the first of its kind in North America. 

Duckett joins the Greentank team as the vape hardware company’s new Chief Engineering Officer. He spent the previous 16 years in engineering roles at Dyson, including, most recently, an eight-year stint as the company’s Engineering Manager. 

“We’re beyond excited to welcome Pete Duckett to the Greentank family,” says Greentank CEO, Dustin Koffler. “Pete embodies the pillars of innovation and outside-the-box thinking that Greentank is predicated upon. The cannabis vape sector has only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible, and we believe that Pete’s expertise, knowledge, and considerable experience will help Greentank lead the industry forward even more.”   

An expert in structural engineering and thermal-fluid analysis, Duckett will play an instrumental role in enhancing the performance and design of all Greentank products with the end-user in mind—everything from user controls to implementing dosing features—while continuing to ensure that Greentank products are the safest on the market. He will also lead the Greentank team in sourcing more efficient thermodynamic materials and refining fluid dynamics for all Greentank devices.

“Spearheading Greentank’s research, development, and engineering was an opportunity I couldn’t resist,” says Duckett. “There are limitless possibilities within the cannabis vape industry and we look forward to creating the next generation of consumer vape experience.”

Duckett’s hiring strategically coincides with the launch of Greentank’s technologically advanced device lab. 

“Our in-house device lab is the first of its kind in North America. With cutting edge vaporizer equipment and technology, we’ll be able to produce proprietary hardware and state-of-the-art rapid prototyping all completely on-site,” says Greentank COO, Corey Koffler.

Designed to provide strategic original design manufacturing (ODM) capabilities, Greentank’s device lab allows the company to accelerate product speed to market—a boost for their partners in a rapidly growing industry.

“We’re excited to be able to provide our partners with new advanced technologies and give them the opportunity to work hands-on in our lab, to bring their own vape designs to life.” 

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