The Greentank M Series: A Disposable For Every Scenario

Posted by Dave Kaplan
2 years ago / April 21, 2022

The Greentank M Series: A Disposable For Every Scenario

If you’ve read any of our recent quarterly vape reports, you already know that disposable vape hardware is undergoing a resurgence in the US. (If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? The reports are free!)

The market share of the disposable category has risen impressively in the US over the last 14 months. In 2021, disposables accounted for 9.1% of the country’s vape sales. Last year, it rose to 11.4% and through the first quarter of 2022, that share increased again to 12.1%. If disposable sales hold steady or continue to improve through the remainder of the year, new benchmarks will be set once again for both disposable revenue and total units sold. 

At this time, it’s still unclear which factors are driving this renewed interest in disposables. One likely explanation is that 1g disposable products have become more widely available and these larger unit sizes are more appealing to consumers. Another possible explanation is that the quality of disposable extracts or hardware in the state drastically improved last year, attracting more consumers to the product segment. Perhaps it was the return of tourism, outdoor activities, and specialty events, including music festivals, across the country. Usually, however, it’s not as cut and dry as a single all-encompassing explanation; in all likelihood, the resurgence of disposables is multifactorial.  

We’ll leave the hypotheses to the economists. The important takeaway here is that disposables are on the rise. So what better time than now to announce that the Greentank M Series of disposable options has been expanded to help brands better capitalize on this captivating trend. 


For brands emphasizing consumer safety and peace of mind above everything else, there is no better disposable option than Greentank’s M1. What makes it the world’s safest and most reliable disposable? For starters, the M1 is engineered with a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) system to prevent overheating and protect against any microchip failures or defects. Its electrical components and premium lithium-ion battery are UL-8139 certified and inspected regularly, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The M1 is also RoHS compliant and ICES, CE, FCC and UN 38.3 certified for ultimate consumer confidence—not to mention that it’s constructed with a PPSU frame, a material that’s known for its strong chemical resistance and robust thermal protection properties. 

Learn more about the M1.


The M3 has rapidly become one of the Greentank M Series’ best-selling products for multiple reasons. Brands unwilling to compromise the integrity of their extracts have been drawn to this device’s high and low-viscosity options, which can both be specifically calibrated to match the viscosities of any extract—no matter where it lies on the spectrum. Not only is the M3’s rectangular frame the perfect design combination of familiar and fresh, it also emphasizes discretion and grip comfort. And with your choice of 15 different body surface finishes and features, it’s also the perfect empty canvas for your brand’s logo or artwork. No other disposable on the market stands out, turns heads, and imprints its DNA into consumers’ memories like the M3. That’s a guarantee. 

Learn more about the M3.    


Rechargeable disposables with larger reservoir sizes are one of the hottest trends so far in 2022, and leading this surge is Greentank’s M8r. Ensure your customers never waste a single puff of your extract again with this premium, stainless steel-framed and fully rechargeable device. Customizable in so many different ways that we’d simply run out of room trying to list them all in this paragraph, the breath-activated M8r comes in 0.5ml and 1ml options to reach more of your consumer base. We’ve also equipped it with an optimized short-path airflow that delivers vapor with the speed and precision of a Formula 1 race car because nothing is too good for your customers.

Learn more about the M8r.


Another member of Greentank’s M8 family, the GT M8n shares many similarities with our GT M8r while maintaining a few key differences. Both are constructed with stainless steel frames/centerposts and can be customized to the teeth in dozens of different ways, but the GT M8n is non-rechargeable, available only in a 0.5ml option, and equipped with a PTC system that prevents overheating while also protecting against any microchip failures or defects. Unlike the M8r’s polycarbonate or metal mouthpiece options, the M8n is equipped with an FDA-certified PCTG mouthpiece. This cost-efficient filament is renowned for its material toughness and superior chemical resistance, making it one of Greentank’s most resilient and sought-after product lines.

Learn more about the M8n.


Greentank’s most affordable disposable device is also its slimmest. The M8s, the third member of the GT M8 family, is designed with an open-top septum for easy automated filling and constructed with stainless steel centerposts, housing and mouthpieces. The device’s rapid response heating and optimized short-path airflow truly elevate the end user experience, delivering uniform aromatic and pristine vapor instantaneously with every draw. Another element that distinguishes the M8s is its unique brandable LED end cap upon which your brand can inprint its logo in a variety of exclusive customizable options, including custom plastic colors as well as electroplated or oil-painted finishes. 

Learn more about the M8s.   


It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with any of these five outstanding options in the Greentank M Series, but we highly recommend speaking with a Greentank sales representative first to determine which styles and hardware sizes are trending in your markets. Message us today to set up a free consultation or to arrange for some samples, so you can see for yourself what sets Greentank’s hardware apart.




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