The GT M3

GT M3 - Unique Modern Cannabis Disposable Vape

GT M3 - Unique Modern Cannabis Disposable Vape

Perfect Wasn't Good Enough

We perfected the disposable, then we raised the bar. Capture your customer’s attention with a familiar design and breakthrough performance. The new GT M3 can be specifically calibrated for a wide range of cannabis extract viscosities to deliver precise flavor profiles.

Key Features:

  • Engineered options for both high-viscosity and low-viscosity compatibility
  • Stainless steel internal frame
  • FDA Certified ceramics, stainless steel, & cotton componentry
  • Recommended Fill volume: 0.25ml – 0.35ml
  • Customized finishes, silkscreening, LED options, logo placement, and mouthpiece options

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Modern cannabis disposable at great price - wholesale

Greentank - GT M3
Greentank - GT M3
Greentank - GT M3

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