The GT M8 Slim

GT M8 Slim

GT M8 Slim

Nothing Slim About The Quality

Elevate your product line with the new GT M8 Slim, a sleek form factor the industry has never seen before. Built for durability with a lightweight stainless steel frame and engineered to stand out with rapid response heating. Perfect for brands looking to make an impact in their markets.

Key Features:

  • New precision slim stainless steel frame
  • FDA certified ceramics, stainless steel, & cotton componentry
  • Revolutionary engineered short-path airflow design for instantaneous vapor production
  • Easy open-top filling for automated filling efficiency
  • Customized finishes, electroplating, silkscreening, LED options, logo placements, and mouthpiece options

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Greentank - GT M8 Slim
Greentank - GT M8 Slim
Greentank - GT M8 Slim

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