Vaporizers Abroad: Vape Pen Travel Tips & FAQ

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / March 27, 2019

Vaporizers Abroad: Vape Pen Travel Tips & FAQ

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It’s always exciting to travel, but nobody wants to leave their vape pen at home. So we’re running through a complete overview of how to travel with your vaporizer. Learn our top tips and find the answers to your frequently asked vape travel questions.

Can I Bring a Vape Pen on a Plane?

Traveling by plane? There’s no need to keep your vape grounded. You’re allowed to carry vape pens on planes, but there are restrictions. Most airlines post regulations for vapes online, but most follow these rules:


Keep Vape Pens in Your Carry-On Luggage

According to the TSA, vaping devices cannot be left in checked bags. They are, however, allowed in your carry-on baggage or on your person.


Turn Off Vaporizers

Before going through security, turn your vaporizer off. As well, you are not allowed to turn it on or charge it while on the plane. As an added precaution, some people remove or disconnect the battery during travel.

Can I Vape on a Plane?

No, although you may be able to bring a cannabis vape pen on the plane (although not always allowed, be sure to check regulations before flying), you are not allowed to vape on board. This is true almost everywhere. Airlines enforce vaping on planes as strictly as they do smoking with fines up to $4000.

On private planes, vaping may be allowed but it’s worth checking with the flight crew. As well, if flying with others, it’s courteous to ask them. You are likely in a contained space that recycles the air, so vaping can be invasive even where it is allowed.

Can I Travel With Cannabis Oil?

You are allowed to travel with cannabis, depending on where you are flying. You are never allowed to cross the border with cannabis, even if it is legal at your destination. Domestic flights, however, can be possible.

In Canada, where marijuana is legal federally, you can fly with cannabis anywhere in the country. However, it’s worth reading up on the rules and regulations of the specific province or territory you’re visiting. Legal possession limits and age limits vary in different parts of the country.

In the USA, only some states have legalized recreational cannabis. You can travel between two legal states with marijuana. However, you cannot take it with you when flying to or from a state where it is not legal.

Be aware that in the US, TSA agents can still stop you for possessing marijuana. However, depending on where you are flying to and from, they cannot charge you if you are of age and under the legal limit. If flying within California, for instance, authorities follow state cannabis laws rather than federal.

If you have any concerns or uncertainties about traveling with vape pens and cannabis oil, consider purchasing disposable vapes at your destination. There are a number of advantages with disposable vape pens for travelers. You don’t have to worry about packing, storage, damage or charging. As well, you can avoid the headache and legal research for traveling with cannabis oil vape pens.

Cannabis Vape Pen Abroad

Storing Your Vape Pen

Off to somewhere warm and sunny? It’s a common escape, but be cautious about where you store your vape pen. Although you can use your vape in hot climates, you don’t want to leave it out in the sun. They’re best stored at 15°-25˚C (59˚-77˚F).

When you aren’t using your vape, you’ll usually want to keep it in your hotel room away from direct sunlight. If you carry it with you, it’s often best kept in your bag while not in use.

For cold-weather destinations, the same applies. As well, exposure to cold can drain battery life. So keep your vape pen protected from the elements while not in use.

Where Can I Vape While Traveling?

Rules and regulations on where you can vape vary from one destination to the next. Here are a few common places people ask about:

  • Airports: No. Generally, you cannot vape in airports. The exception is in designated smoking areas.
  • Public Transportation: No. You cannot vape on shared transportation such as buses and subways.
  • Taxi, Uber, Etc.: Ask your driver. Usually, there is no specific regulation, so it’s at the discretion of the driver.
  • Rental Vehicle: Check with your rental company. Sometimes there are extra cleaning fees if there are signs or smells of smoke or vapor.
  • Hotel: Ask the front desk. If they don’t allow it in the room, ask if they have a designated area.
  • Public Parks: Depends on your location. If staying in a hotel, check with the concierge for local rules. In private parks, like Disney World, you can only vape in their smoking areas.
  • Resorts: It depends on the country and the resort. Check with the individual resort before booking.

It’s becoming increasingly common for public vaping to be limited to designated smoking areas, so it’s always best to ask about the regulations of the specific place you’re traveling to. If vaping cannabis, check the local rules on legalization, age limits, and possession limits.

Safe Travels & Happy Vaping

By following the basic rules and tips for vaping abroad you can keep your travels fun and problem-free. Take a few minutes to educate yourself on the local rules of your destination. And, of course, pick high-quality vape pens for the best experience.

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